on HBO Max they plan to add them, although Netflix again insists that it is not their model

One of the most interesting elements that the subscription and video on demand model has brought, or rather eliminated, is the goodbye to ads when viewing content. For the younger generations, Seeing intermittent ads in a movie or series is probably one of the most shocking experiences that can be had in the sector.

The common thing is that when we pay for a service, it does not present advertising. However, just because it is the norm does not mean that there are no exceptions. Here in Spain, Movistar +, for example, introduces advertisements before the reproduction of some of its contents. In the United States, according to Variety, HBO Max plans to add them, and it is not so strange, since it would join Hulu and Peacock, which already show advertising within their content.

Advertising to enter more, and that the user pays less

In the aforementioned media it is said that HBO Max explained in a survey sent last week that a version with advertisements of the service could contain two to four minutes of ads per hour of content viewing, something that Hulu and Peacock already do with five and Disney with nine, respectively.

The survey suggests that the ads would not appear in original HBO shows or recent movies, but that they could appear in HBO Max series or classic movies. What would the user gain? According to the survey, pay less than current to see certain ads, something that could attract certain users, since they are not crazy minute figures either.

According to an ad buying executive who has spoken to Variety, HBO has reiterated that advertising will not be offered on original series such as ‘Westworld’ or ‘Succession’, but in HBO Max originals, which are not their own, such as ‘Friends’. Although it has not yet been made official, in Variety it is stated that it is expected for next year.

In contrast to this of HBO Max, which is at least a serious approach, is the position of Reed Hastings, the CEO of Netflix, who in a recent interview has commented that not having ads is not “a rule, but a decision.” There are many occasions when it has reaffirmed its position of continuing to grow with the ad-free payment model, which for the moment has not gone badly for it.

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