on which mobiles you can and cannot install it.

We are going to tell you on which mobiles you cannot install the Radar Covid application, so that if you are encountering a problem or the option to install does not appear, you can know why. Like all applications, the developers have drawn a line in terms of versions of the operating system, so if your mobile is quite old you may not be able to install it.

Radar Covid is the official application of the Government of Spain for tracking COVID-19 outbreaks respecting your privacy. Take advantage of the system created by Google and Apple that is integrated into iPhone and Android phones, and works anonymously. When you come across another person who has the app, they will make a small connection via Bluetooth, and if you have marked that you have been infected, everyone who has been by your side for a while in recent days will be notified.

on which mobiles you can and cannot install it

The good news is that the application is designed to work on most current mobiles, so if you have a relatively recent device, you won’t have any problem installing it. However, with mobiles older than 3 or 4 years, perhaps in some models you can start to have problems.

On which Android phones you cannot install Covid Radar

As we see in the application file on Google Play, the requirement to install it is to have 19 MB of free storage and an Android 6.0 and later operating system. The first should not be a problem for anyone, since it is a minimum space and you will surely have it free, but it is the requirement of the operating system that draws the line.

on which mobiles you can and cannot install it

On this, Android 6.0 Marshmallow arrived at the end of 2015, which means that most mobiles launched from 2016 should have it. Some manufacturers would also update the top-of-the-range mobiles that they had with Android 5 to that version.

To this we must add another important piece of information for these days. Google has not included the API on which the application is based directly in Android, but in an update of its Google Play Services. Therefore, you are going to need a mobile with Google Play Services, which is a problem for Huawei and Honor, since due to the United States’ ban on doing business with their companies, their latest models do not have these services.

on which mobiles you can and cannot install it

Therefore, these are the mobiles that cannot install Covid Radar due to not meeting the necessary requirements to have the app:

  • Phones with Android versions prior to 6.0.
  • Latest generation Huawei and Honor phones without Google Play Services.
  • Any mobile from other manufacturers that do not have Google Play.

To find out if your mobile has Google Play Services there is an unequivocal method. If you have the Google Play app store natively, then you can install the application. If you don’t have it or have had to use some trick to install it, then you probably won’t be able to install the app. Huawei’s app store may include this app in the future, but it doesn’t have it at the moment.

on which mobiles you can and cannot install it

However, to find out which version of Android your mobile has, you just have to follow these steps. In essence, you must enter your mobile settings and enter the Information section of the phone. This section can be both directly in the main settings menu and within a category such as System.

On which iPhones you can’t install Covid Radar

iOS is a much more closed ecosystem, and no mobile other than an Apple iPhone can use the operating system. In this case, this works in your favor because you can quickly know which mobiles cannot install it. The application requires iOS 13.5 or later, so we only have to look at which models have updated to this version. In addition, you also need to have 16 MB free.

In this case, the iPhone 6S was the oldest Apple phone to update to this version of iOS. This means that iPhone 6 and all earlier models cannot install it, so if you have an iPhone 6, a 5S, or any other previous, then you will not be able to use the Covid Radar application.

on which mobiles you can and cannot install it