One month in World of Warcraft: Legion.

Midnight August 30, I was sitting behind my PC with chips and chocolate. Those chips and chocolate were actually meant to be a comforting agent, but in the end went largely untouched. I had expected to only see the login screen of World of Warcraft: Legion that first night, but thanks to a number of smart choices from developer Blizzard I was able to start right away.

A few years ago I played World of Warcraft on a daily basis. I used my PC after dinner to raid, do bg’s or just chat with guildies and often shut it down at 4 AM. Now that I am no longer studying and have to work very hard for a living, it is no longer feasible to spend eight hours a day on the MMORPG… although I would really like to do that again thanks to Legion.

My rogue reached level 110 about three weeks ago and a week after that I dove into the endgame content. I am now steadily climbing through the PvP ranks and most of the dungeons no longer hold any secrets from me. However, I also enjoy the World Quests, the mission board, and upgrading my Class Order Hall and Artifact Weapon.

One month in World of Warcraft: Legion

Two years ago I was also allowed to review the fifth WoW expansion. I also awarded this Warlords of Draenor a Gold Award. As far as the basic content in this expansion is concerned, I am still firmly behind my grade, but unfortunately Blizzard let me down a bit in the following months …

Warlords of Draenor came out November 2014. In February 2015 we got a new raid and a world boss, and in June of the same year a second raid and a new area. This June content belonged to patch 6.2.0, which is the only really major content patch of that fifth expansion.

One month in World of Warcraft: Legion

It is always difficult to estimate to what extent an MMORPG will remain supported. I don’t dare to guarantee that Legion will see a constant stream of content. But since Blizzard really wants to prevent crowds from running away again, my gut tells me they will keep Legion a lot more interesting. A month later, at least (including) the addition of the first raid a start has been made.

I have yet to explore this Emerald Nightmare. For that, however, I have to tear myself away from all the other content yet to be discovered. I am constantly distracted by all the icons on my map, I have to fight my way through tons of PvP ranks and then there is my brand new feral druid … on Horde! And even when I’m not at my PC, WoW constantly manages to tempt me to postpone my work with the app that gives you access to the mission board.

One month in World of Warcraft: Legion

Can’t I just go back to college?