If you captioned his game “A Hero Nobody Knows” (A Hero Nobody Knows), it’s probably the antithesis of the Marvel Universe. And that’s the premise of One Punch Man, which is based on the relatively young animated series of the same name. Finally a series that does not go back several decades, but which started a few years ago as a web comic. So if you’ve never heard of it, that’s not a sign that your general street nerd credo has hit a new low, it’s just that you’re not completely up to date with Anime – the series. only exists in Germany 2017.

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In One Punch Man: A Hero Nobody Knows, you don’t have to worry about what it is, because you’re not one of the heroes of the series. But then again, it doesn’t hurt to know the premises so that you don’t get completely confused. In a city reminiscent of modern Japan, monsters and super villains are at the mercy of evil, and a man steps out for training. Through squats, push-ups, and a bit of running training, he’s done so well that he, Saitama, now defeats all opponents in one fell swoop and usually kills them immediately. So this is the only punch.

Anime is about not being able to face it, looking for a challenge that society and other heroes do not accept. His omnipotence becomes a problem for him. Either way, don’t worry, because you’re not playing it. You create your own hero to join the organization of heroes of this world, which sorts its members by rank. Line C deals with general subtleties for the population, line S deals with the Thanosse of this world. Everything must be well sorted. Of course, the big story also accompanies your rise through the ranks and time and time again you see the One Punch Man yourself, but most of all it’s about you, the hero no one knows.

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The fun definitely starts in the character editor and it’s a shame that no screenshots are allowed: a full raccoon costume, on a swim ring, on the other bunny ears, on the arm a key fixed, plus a lion’s mane and top hat. After all, as a hero you want to stand out. Normal and boring designs are of course also possible, but since the city you are walking in is a bit dull, someone needs to add some color to it.

Your journey therefore begins with the hero’s first authority quest giver, who will always give you many orders. It usually goes like this: go to the guy with the exclamation mark on his head, briefly listen to the problem he has and take care of it. Future heroes don’t have a lot of free will, except, of course, to roam around the city where there isn’t much going on. Of course, 99.9% of all quests lead directly and in most cases directly to a fight against a more or less ridiculous monster or villain. So far, these have been relatively underwhelming, an almost believable league of Class C-D dangers from any Marvel Ripoff universe. Heroes are better placed here. Whether it’s childish emperors or fencing mustaches, the Specter of the Absurd is worthy of a slightly anarchic anime and I’m sure the Dark Side will follow during the game.

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As for the fight … That’s what you know about Kakarot recently. You don’t have to do finger drills for the specials, but first determine which specials you want to deal out on the slots, what style of fighting you want to do in general, and then a solid timing game – the reaction begins with a small strategy in terms of distances and counterattacks. Really absolutely solid and the two hours I was not bored. Due to the upgrades and new skills, this should all be more than lasting for the rest of the tenure, but don’t expect an overly sophisticated tournament competitor. Most importantly, as your hero grows in popularity, you attract other heroes to help him in battle. Unfortunately, they often miss a bus or take off too late, so you may see a little animation on the edge, plus a timer. If the other party finally gets to the party, you can switch at any time, the four heroes in total and then each have their own health bar, but the other side is often not alone. The colorful dance of up to eight characters continues to provide variety.

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And finally, there are natural disasters. No matter what world this city finds itself in, it is already badly beaten. Several times in a single fight, meteorites can strike, large thunderstorms pass, Godzilla appears, or worse, a very high class S hero who goes Superman vs. Batman style despite the losses. You can also see such events happening and then use them with a little skill to your advantage. Or you run in the middle and go to the ground yourself. Or nothing happens, because most of the time, these events were frankly without much impact on either side. Well, there’s always something going on.

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So there has to be a fishing game somewhere, then the One Punch Man: A Hero Nobody Knows tour is over. A slightly shallow, but fairly proficient action thrashing framework combined with a hub level system, little NPC interaction, and lots of levels. You can’t blame any part of the design’s over-excitement for bravery, but it clicked anyway. A little positive, a good editor for silly ideas, a fast, well thought out, if not particularly complex combat system, in the end it just clicked. It won’t be the game of the year, it sure won’t be the killer brawler, but sometimes the anime can be a bit more absurd and if the game is fine with it, then gladly!

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