In 2014, OnePlus launched its first terminal, the OnePlus One. With an attractive price of 269/299 euros (there were two configurations) came to revolutionize the mid-rangeBecause its specifications were higher than what was found for this price.

Throughout these years, OnePlus has inexorably increased the price of its terminals. Up to a point that can no longer be defined as a “flagship killer”. But with the arrival of OnePlus North, it seems that they are trying to trace their origins.

We come back to highly compensated terminals, even with the price

This time, OnePlus is launching a mobile, the OnePlus North, for 399 euros, a price that is in the reasonable zone of the OnePlus 3, perhaps the most interesting terminal of the Chinese brand for its good compromise between price, finishes and services.

This time, they decide to keep some of the features of their latest iteration, the OnePlus 8, like cameras or screen, but lowering other aspects: the processor is the Qualcomm Snapdragon 765G; internal memory is UFS 2.1; and the terminal is slightly smaller.

In the end we are talking about a slightly lower terminal in advantages for the OnePlus 8, which is the latest version of OnePlus. It must be remembered that the OnePlus 8 is a step below the OnePlus 8 Pro, which is the real top of the range of the brand.

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But of course the difference is in the price. The OnePlus 8 is priced at 709 euros and we are now talking about 399 euros. A big difference in price for a slight decrease in performance. Very interesting indeed.

The OnePlus X experience

This is not the first time that OnePlus has released a “midrange” terminal, considering that the midrange is when the processor is a step below the high end. At the end of 2015, a few months after the launch of its second terminal, the OnePlus 2, the Chinese brand decided to launch the OnePlus X, a mid-range terminal.

The OnePlus X was the least successful OnePlus terminal

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The OnePlus X was a more compact phone, with a processor which, despite being in Qualcomm’s 800 line, was the one from the year before (oddly the same as the OnePlus One from 2014) and didn’t stand out especially for the camera.

However, it was a terminal that for 269 euros gave a lot for what was offered on the market at that time. And yet it did not succeed, it is the less successful OnePlus terminal. And it is that at such times the brand was passionate about the prices it gave for a top of the range, his fans were not looking for intermediate terminals.

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OnePlus must lower the price to become competitive again

However, the situation has changed a lot over the years. First, more and more Chinese mobile brands have arrived at very competitive prices. Second, OnePlus prices have gone up a lot. By presenting the OnePlus 8 and 8 Pro earlier this year, the brand distanced itself from many of its potential buyers. The cheapest terminal in the range is 709 euros and the ceiling exceeds 1000 euros.

Someone who is considering buying a terminal at these prices may not think that it is so important that they are 1000 or 1200 and in this range they are already competing with brands such as Samsung or Apple. Maybe OnePlus offers something of interest to many, but of course that aura of a mid-priced high-end terminal has been completely lost.

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This is why OnePlus is launched again in a very attractive price zone, with an interesting proposal where the main commitment is the processor. OnePlus also had to be price competitive.

The 400 euros are very crowded

OnePlus North

However OnePlus now has a problem that it did not have a few years ago and that is that the 400 euro range has some very interesting options. The main contributors to this range of cheap yet powerful terminals are Xiaomi and Realme (which is oddly from BKK, like OnePlus)

A business that wants to grow must cover all segments to be profitable

And it is that for 400 euros there are very interesting terminals, terminals even with a better processor than this OnePlus North. For example, we have the Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro or the Realme X2 Pro. That is to say, unlike 2014, when OnePlus revolutionized the market, now enter a segment where there are equivalent mobiles.

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What does OnePlus have that the others don’t? A powerful brand With many very loyal fans and a terminal that enters the top of the segment, with a very interesting photographic bet and very neat finishes.

The mobile phone market is complicated. Range caps sell relatively little with high margins, measured ranges sell better, but the margins are tighter. Ultimately, a company that wants to grow must cover all segments to be profitable and that is what OnePlus means with this movement. Hope this works better than with the OnePlus X because users if we like something is variety and competition.

Source : Frandroid

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