Thanks to OnePlus taking its interface to Google Play to be able to update it regardless of the firmware, the brand has decided to thoroughly renew its appearance to bring a touch of Android 11 to the OnePlus phones that are still with Android 10. The launcher update is now available in the Play Store.

With the updates to Android 11 starring in the catalogs of the brands, in addition to the wishes of the users, the process seems to have accelerated without it being enough to reach all the mobiles that deserve it. In the case of OnePlus, the brand includes Android 11 in half of the mobiles launched during 2020; with the beta of OxygenOS 11 circulating in more models. There will be mobiles with Android 10 that will take time to receive OxygenOS 11; a lack that can be alleviated with the new version of the launcher.

The new launcher of OxygenOS 11 on Android 10 mobiles

With the latest update of the OnePlus launcher, which is now available on Google Play, the appearance of the interface Adopt the aesthetics of OxygenOS 11 without having to update the entire firmware. Of course, the updated launcher does not come standard with the same news as the latest system version since there are exclusive Android 11 options.

The OnePlus launcher, updated to version 5.0.24, emphasizes the minimalism of OxygenOS 11 to slightly improve the aesthetics of the backgrounds and texts. The Shelf strengthens the presence of the different cards in those OnePlus that do not have access to Google Discover (for users who already had Google news the launcher keeps giving the option to activate it). Launcher stability improves and animations are also smoothed.

The new OnePlus launcher is now available to update from Google Play. It is suitable for the OnePlus 6, OnePlus 6T, OnePlus 7, OnePlus 7T and OnePlus Nord.

OnePlus takes the launcher of OxygenOS 11 to other mobile phones of the brand with Android 10

OnePlus Launcher

OnePlus takes the launcher of OxygenOS 11 to other mobile phones of the brand with Android 10