Despite the criticism that the developer Treyarch has received for not wanting to include a single player campaign in its new game CoD: Black Ops IIII, the truth is that the statistics largely prove this developer right. This is so because only a very low percentage of gamers finish these campaigns.

As always, one of the points that most often attracts a player when buying a game is that it has a good single player campaign (depending on the type of game, obviously). And, in fact, when we read the reviews about the games, the person who writes usually spends a long time talking about it. It is not uncommon for a player not to spend his money on a game, if it turns out that this campaign is too short in duration.

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However, how many of you who are reading these lines have managed to finish all the missions of this campaign in your games? Game usage statistics indicate that only 30% of players manage to finish the single player campaign. Let’s not talk about finishing it several times at different levels of difficulty, something in which the statistics place it at an even lower percentage.

If the single player campaign is finished by so few users, why include them?

Developing a proper single player campaign is a huge investment of time and money for any developer. Time and money that could be used to improve other aspects of the game, such as making a multiplayer mode that is more ambitious or that includes many more options. The undeniable fact is that games with a very active multiplayer mode age the best, both for the players and the developer. And, of course, they are the ones that, in the end, end up making the most money for this one, if on top of that it incorporates the famous and hated (lip service) loot boxes.

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However, at Hard Zone we do not agree that the single player campaign should be removed from the games. First, because the ultimate goal of the developer is to sell games, and a good one of these campaigns, with a well-developed story, can make it much more money than multiplayer. Look, if not, at the sales of games like the Fallout series, Mass Effect or The Witcher, to name a few. And if we can’t finish the campaign, for whatever reason, at least we will have enjoyed playing with it for many hours. Isn’t it true that every time one of these games appears at a significant discount, sales of it skyrocket? Users still want a good single player campaign in our games.