ONRUSH Open Beta date confirmed.

Codemasters & Koch Media have confirmed today that the open beta ONRUSH It will launch on Thursday, May 17 at 3:00 p.m. and will end on Sunday, May 20 on both the PlayStation 4 entertainment system and Xbox One, Microsoft’s all-in-one video game and entertainment system. Players who pre-order the game on PS4 in the stores assigned to the promotion will be able to have early access to the beta from Tuesday, May 15.

The Open Beta will show players the basic rules of ONRUSH

A interactive tutorial, before plunging them directly into the action in Superstar mode, where they can put their skills to the test against opponents controlled by the game’s AI or multiplayer.

ONRUSH Open Beta date confirmed

He Superstar mode It can be enjoyed either alone or with a group of friends on the cooperative side. By playing solo, players can take advantage of the incredible Photomode (not available in co-op or multiplayer) by ONRUSH. Just pause the madness, take the snapshot using advanced editing and debugging tools, before sharing the images with the world.

Players will also be able to dominate The Stampede in multiplayer mode.

Block rivals from around the world in exclusive 6vs6 multiplayer events. Two beautiful but deadly tracks, two game modes and four vehicle classes will be available in the beta with other details such as night races and seasonal cycle changes.

ONRUSH Open Beta date confirmed

As players progress through the beta, in both Multiplayer and Superstar, they will be able to unlock rewards with a lot of style for the end game in the form of Crashtags and Tombstones that will be launched and displayed when you are downed by rivals or crashed in the heat of battle.


Both will feature a variety of weather conditions and different time slots.

ONRUSH Open Beta date confirmed
  • Big dune beach
  • Crater lake


  • Overdrive
  • Countdown



  • RUSH Firewall – Leaves a destructive fire trail behind
  • ABILITY Crashbang: The tombstones you leave will blind opponents
  • TRAIT Tumbler – Gain RUSH power directly with forward and backward jumps


ONRUSH Open Beta date confirmed
  • RUSH Turbulence – Leave behind a disruptive wake of turbulent air
  • ABILITY Touchdown – Synchronized boost landings are more effective
  • TRAIT Spiral: get RUSH directly by performing 360º rotations
  • TRAIT Daredevil – Get RUSH directly when driving close to enemies


  • RUSH Rampage: Refill your RUSH meter after each takedown
  • ABILIT Surge – Initial use of boost is more powerful but more expensive
  • TRAI Pinpoint: Get RUSH directly by saving yourself from a collision


  • RUSH Blockade: Using Rush leaves a trail of blocks that slows down your opponents
  • ABILITY Shield: increases the resistance of close companions in combat
  • TRAIT Impact – Get RUSH directly after knocking down opponents

Developed by the new development team of Codemasters based in Cheshire, UK (formerly known as Evolution Studios). It’s not about running to the finish line. At ONRUSH, running with style and personality is what matters, as you pull off incredible stunts and do your best to load up the crucial RUSH bar. RUSH is the ultimate power-up, capable of producing devastatingly exhilarating force that when used at the right time can wreak havoc on your competitors.

ONRUSH Open Beta date confirmed