The German brand Opel has just presented the Mokka-e, a new electric vehicle with a completely new design line compared to the previous combustion model. So a new design language debuts under the Opel Vizor grille (the new grille for future Opel vehicles) and it turns more to a Crossover what to an SUV.

In terms of technical characteristics, up to 322 kilometers are promised with its front engine of 136 horsepower. The vehicle will arrive at the end of the summer concerning their sales and resellers in early 2021.

A new design line and an engine that seems familiar to us

The recent addition of Opel to the PSA group (Peugeot, Citröen, DS, Opel and Vauxhall) has allowed it both to be profitable and to turn to electrification. So the CMP platform is used, the group’s modular platform French. Thus, the Opel Mokka mounts a 136 horsepower (100 kW) engine with a torque of 260 Nm, the same figures we have seen in the Peugeot e-208. In the case of this new Mokka-e top speed is limited to 150 km / hwhether we are in Normal, Eco or Sport mode.

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Opel Mokka Motor

With this limitation it is promised a range of 322 kilometers under the WLTP cycle in normal driving mode, being able to access something else in Eco mode, although Opel has not detailed the figure. In addition, it has a fast charging system with which you can go from 0% to 80% in 30 minutes depending on the manufacturer.

Despite being an SUV / Crossover, the Opel Mokka only measures 4.15 meters, being more compact than the combustion model of the previous generation

The Mokka-e has a length of 4.15 meters and will be equipped with interesting technologies. These include adaptive cruise control (to automatically maintain a safe distance from other vehicles), autonomous emergency brake, 30-inch touchscreen, panoramic rear view camera, automatic parking and compatibility with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, among others.

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Interior Opel Mokka

Opel has not submitted a price or equipment variant for this Mokka-e which, as we expect, will go on sale at the end of 2020 and reach dealerships in early 2021. This is a strong commitment to electrification, so much so that this model arrives before the combustion variants, which are expected for later. The Mokka-e thus represents an important step for the Opel electric vehicle, accompanying brothers like the Corsa-e.

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Source: Engadget