Opinion: Assassin’s creed Unity. Deserved lynching?.

Much has been said, well, rather criticized Assassin’s Believe Unity since your departure. Funny and surprising images flood the network, perhaps the most striking being the famous man without a face. We speak as not of the bugs, dozens of them. Talk about Assassin’s Believe Unity it is synonymous with bugs which has caused repeated complaints from users. So much so that many consider it “unplayable.” But that’s how it is?

My gaming experience has been from a Ps4 (If I kill myself, I do not have a PC of the ostia), and the truth, it has been quite satisfactory. The bugs have not been exempt in my game, but they have been of little importance (like sudden appearances of people) so they do not modify my playable experience at all, beyond giving the game less immersion in it and less realism. Am I a lucky guy? Maybe it is.

It is clear that bugs annoy a lot, but there is something else behind so much criticism. People are hot with Ubisoft That’s right. The policy of one game per year (or even 2 this year) does not like, and beyond Assassins Believe everyone has a certain downgrade in mind. But let’s talk about good things, what nobody talks about, because they exist. Unlike Assassin’s Believe Rogue this game brings news and many.

Opinion: Assassin’s creed Unity.  Deserved lynching?

It stands out completely from the fiascos of AC 3 AND AC 4, having a certain memory of AC 2, which is appreciated. The new combat mode is a clear example of this. You will not be able to kill an entire battalion in 5 seconds, it will cost you and almost certainly you will die trying. This factor makes you have to look for other alternatives, the clearest being stealth. Another of the improved features, finally with a button to do it and another for coverage. Multiplayer is another incentive, in a Paris how well recreated, with Notre give to me as a jewel in the crown.

Let’s go to the story one of the strengths of AC without getting into political issues or spoilers. What I liked the most is that the brotherhood has a fundamental role, you feel that you are playing an assassin’s creed and not a pirate game (for example) … The Elisa-Arno relationship is well managed, it is not cloying and Elise She is not the typical vase woman, which is much appreciated.

Opinion: Assassin’s creed Unity.  Deserved lynching?

In short, if we except the bugs (something unforgivable and more for a triple A) it is a good game, better than its predecessors. To finish I wanted to send a message to Ubisoft, I know you will not read it but at least I vent. Please stop thinking about money and you will make masterpieces with the potential of this saga. Thanks for your reading.