OPINION: CoD: Black Ops 2 is overrated.

I don’t think I’m exaggerating when saying that the saga ‘Call of duty‘is the most hated (or one of the most) in the current video game scene. From micro-campaigns to the infamous DLCsAs well as the highest concentration of ‘rat children’ today, the series has a good number of reasons to criticize it. But there is a game that, wrapped in this chaos, has been looked down on despite its quality.

The 2nd installment of the sub-saga ‘Black Ops‘It was released at the height of criticism of the saga, in addition to being between two of highly debatable quality (MW3 and Ghosts) and, although it boasts a more than considerable number of sales, it has never been done justice in a popular way .

I frequently meet people who criticize and disparage this game in the same way that they criticize the entire saga, when in truth this is the only one that (between generic shooters and injustices on the part of Activision among others) made an enormous effort to save her.

OPINION: CoD: Black Ops 2 is overrated

He introduced all kinds of new features in all his sections and corrected the mistakes made by his predecessor where the most remarkable thing for me would be the campaign. Far from being the shooting gallery for a handful of hours, BO2 introduced a class of missions in which you had to adopt a more strategic mindset by being in a bird’s eye view distributing units on the maps and carrying out the appropriate orders. In addition, at any time you could take direct control of these units if you saw that the AI ​​was not managing well, which saved me on several occasions. About this, BO2 had in his campaign what few current shooters: different endings.

That’s for the campaign, but what about multiplayer? Well, apart from introducing a couple of new modes (not incorporated in subsequent installments) it created the streak system for points, instead of the classic one for deaths. This added a layer of challenge, since it no longer counted only killing, but how you did it (ex: killing from headshots is worth more than on the leg). And then there is the zombie mode which, although it got off on the wrong foot, is just as addictive as in Bo and WaW.

OPINION: CoD: Black Ops 2 is overrated

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not calling this the perfect game by any means, nor do I write this more as an advertisement than an opinion (the DLCs also messed it up here, for example). Where I want to get to is that this game tried to update the franchise, tried to save it from its bad reputation and, although in part it did, ‘Ghosts‘He came in to throw his efforts away, and the’ haters’ didn’t help either.

As the title says this is just an opinion, and I’m sure many will not share it, but I hope that it has made others see that BO2 should not be the focus of the anger of many, and that it deserves a second chance. Thank you for reading!

OPINION: CoD: Black Ops 2 is overrated

PS: Hopefully similar articles can be written about ‘Advanced Warfare’.