I’ve never felt so much like the game is my enemy, even though Ghost Recon Wildlands has broken into my life.

Not many games could fever this season, but I’ve been waiting for Far Cry 5 for months maybe two degrees better than I needed to; I counted the days, I cut the cent, I cried a little when Mocsy got the test copy a week before the release, and I, as a simple child of the people, was forced to be patient. Over the weekend, I grinded it all down the way I liked it (the story isn’t very much, the gameplay is basically yes), but there was something that almost caught my brain stroke: the living, breathing world itself, but methodically strangling me.

Ghost Recon Wildlands wasn’t an impeccable game, but what I took most of its enjoyment value from being able to attack at any time during the mission, which ran through several of my perfect plans, made it harder for me to complete missions stealthily, even though I, like young man trained on the Splinter Cell series, I prefer that. There were times when random NPCs waded the guy I had to protect, and several times hell broke loose through no fault of my own.

Far Cry, of course, is another, one of the basic elements of the series is chaos, which is made especially spicy by the fact that one of the world’s quietest hobbies, fishing, has been added to the new part. Far Cry 5, on the other hand, wants to be a chaotic, explosive, action-packed and stealthy, sneaky shooter at the same time, and the former’s tools hit the latter hard. In vain do I go up the hillside to knock out the defenders of a base one by one with my muffler sniper weapon, if a bear wanders out of the woods, which catches my face at best, it also alarms the area at worse (this has disturbed me in previous sections, no the new feature). But suppose I also dispose of the goods with my muffled machine gun, the chaos doesn’t break out, I can go back to my original plan – well but the roads are full of pickups stuffed with peasants, planes attack above a certain level and two steps can’t be taken let us be in danger of death again. Of course, funny stories can be born, you can tell your friends, but the fact that you can’t do a miserable collecting quest without having to pay attention to where, how many are trying to kill us, after a while you get discouraged from the game and only he feels safe in a helicopter equipped with missiles.

All I want to do is fish … from r / farcry

The situation is exacerbated when fuel tankers have to be transported from point A to point B. You don’t have to be a tanker expert to know a well-arriving projectile will cause an explosion. It’s barely visible from the back, making it almost impossible to knock out the pursuers (plus the tank is half-hanging in the picture; sometimes the original driver, while trying to shake me, punched the tank).

What makes it all the more smiling is that neither Joseph nor his brothers who rule each region want to kill us, only the ordinary sects are so brutal. Whenever there is a scene advancing the story, we are taken prisoner and then we can escape terribly simply, but as we find ourselves in the open world, it immediately attacks whoever is worth it.

And when it comes to how the game struggles to cut the controller into the TV: among the many old-fashioned, widely despised mechanics, there are two that could take you out of the industry forever. One is to fail the mission if we get too far from who we need to follow. I once had to slide down ropes, I happened to be faster than my buddy, and hop, fall. Other times my colleague fell behind somewhere and I had to caplatn it back for him. The other, somewhat similar situation occurred during one of the flying missions. Silos can be destroyed in John’s region and I saw one in the distance, wondering what could be wrong if I deviate a bit from the designated road, shoot it apart and then continue the task? Well, the game didn’t like it, I’ll just stay nicely in the mission zone, and I’ve come across this not only here, but on some of the tasks to be done on foot.

I felt like Far Cry 5 regularly, somewhat aimlessly, prevented me from doing what I wanted; I understand that the Hope counties do not want me to stay, but they could have let me know this less often.

And not only do I think so, in the editorial, a brief summary of our colleague Duncan written in our joint chat can be read below with minimal changes to keep the site family-friendly.

“It’s done point by point: I’m going to point ‘A’. I’ll stumble upon a group of enemies driving a prisoner. I’ll kill them. Two cars will appear during the shooting (!). I’ll shoot, blow up. I’m going 5 meters, really no more. A bear attacks, I press, after 15 seconds a helicopter shows up, it starts to smash, I take it out with great difficulty, but in the meantime two zombies appear in my jaw, I press, two cars come again, plus a truck. A BEAR It doesn’t even come there anymore, it comes in with a flash And it’s going to be constant KONSTANS They kicked themselves like that wasn’t true It could have been a very good game, but they couldn’t stand not to throw it in every two minutes, CLOCKWISE helicopter / plane, a pair of patrols every twenty seconds, all sorts of wild creatures, zombies, random attacks Cheat. Meg. Cheat. You stop fishing, my brother, someone keeps coming to shoot, I flew straight away from an abandoned mountain to the lake behind the back of the god with a seaplane, I calculated: approx. In 5 minutes 2 wolverines, 6 dogs, a bear, 6 archers and approx. 14-15 religious fanatics attacked. I started fishing by the time I was done, they were spawning again. They pull themselves down the toilet.

What do you think? Do you think the game has crossed a line, or is it because of the “continuous action and zero minutes of peace of mind” that you enjoy very much?

  • Developer: Ubisoft Montreal
  • Publisher: Ubisoft
  • Platform: PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One
  • Style: Action, FPS
  • Appearance: 3/27/2018

Far Cry 5 guides you to Hope County, Montana, to once again have the usual sandbox FPS experience of the series.