Opinion: then I would ask for this Destiny 2, say yesterday.

The first trailer for Destiny 2 is coming today, but before we start selling our kidneys for bitcoin on the dark web, let’s see what the sequel needs to know.

The thing is, Destiny 2 has already been bought with it in existence. Destiny was an embarrassingly mediocre game set on a brutally strong frame, and it soon became apparent that skilled hands could build on one of the strongest FPS franchises of all time. Only a nonsensical CGI came out of the sequel, but I’m not really trying to hide my erection anymore. Of course I have fears.

Opinion: then I would ask for this Destiny 2, say yesterday

Let’s clarify something. Bungie is a terribly talented team. If you don’t even know how important Halo was to cantilever FPS or didn’t play with Destiny enough to see the most brilliant parts, believe me. Okay? Okay. Nonetheless, Destiny felt that the developers hadn’t worked on a project this big yet, and it must have been a bit unusual for Activision not to treat its studios quite like, say, Microsoft. SHE. Let’s not open this door now.

The point is, Destiny hasn’t become perfect. Let’s just say that 60% of the potential is inherited, but that’s enough to push me into the – very real – dangers lurking in my relationship … well, let’s stay for many hours. Of course, this is also due to my own unpretentiousness, because about half of the playing time was only moderately justified, but I prefer to say that the dick was gameplay and I liked the world. Because it really was. It’s hard to pass this on orally if you haven’t played with it. Destiny is the kind of game you watch video in vain, it doesn’t give back how perfect it is to control, even for a man with a mouse-curved finger like me, or how flawless a raid is, perhaps how parade it is track design. But you only feel that when you play. I would bring the analogy, but I think you understand. I don’t envy Bungie because Destiny 2 has a very high bar and those who have packed into the game for hours with me with a fairly precise wish list are waiting to be unveiled.

Opinion: then I would ask for this Destiny 2, say yesterday

Let’s start with the clear.

Choose skillfully

But at least more than my grandmother, God reassures the poor. This fantastic woman had never thrown anything out of her life, which essentially meant that on a shelf, in addition to the entire series of Eve magazine, there were three non-functioning radios and floral porcelain resting, which she would even grin to the queen. I understand that … but that’s it. Bungie needs to see very clearly what worked well in Destiny and definitely need to be saved to the sequel and what needs to go into the soup. I know this is a very broad sequel, but we haven’t seen a sequel where developers wanted to reinvent the wheel and bombarded otherwise well-functioning gaming mechanisms. For example, music, infinitely intelligent track and mission design, must remain. Or, on the contrary, completely redundant elements have been moved into the sequel, simply because it is already a trademark of the series. Are you listening, Assassin’s Creed?

Opinion: then I would ask for this Destiny 2, say yesterday

Exclusive content

Let it be that, say, there is no such thing. As a PS4 player, I was endlessly outraged that there was content that only became available on Xbox One a year later. This is obviously super good for Sony because Destiny has become the official console of the PlayStation 4, but on Xbox One it has been a very serious drawback and has slowly decimated the legitimately frustrated gaming base. This kind of exclusivity is good for everyone, not just the players. The leaked poster already shows that Sony will start with some small advantage here as well, but I wouldn’t mind if it could be handled a little more generously this time around, especially with the PC now appearing to be entering the party. Anyway, I think segmentation between platforms is one of the most damaging things and I can’t wait for the minute the gaming community to walk back into the sunset as a big family again. This moment will obviously not come with Destiny 2, but there is a chance that the transition between the PC and the Xbox One will be free.

The story

I know this sounds pretty weird, but Destiny had a parade story. Just not in the game. For some – presumably business – reason, Bungie had to truncate Destiny’s story quite seriously before it was released, and the tastier details were hidden in Grimoire cards that didn’t interest anyone. You know, the more or less descriptions you haven’t read. The world of Destiny is huge and has been worked out down to the smallest detail, so I would be happy if you could get something out of it. Of course, this will require a story, but it’s okay to bring in characters who can carry it all on their feet. An NPC that repeats “I’m proud of you, Guardian” won’t be able to do this, and without well-written dialogues, it doesn’t matter if the wizard came from the moon, according to Peter Dinklage or Nolan North. Bee.

Opinion: then I would ask for this Destiny 2, say yesterday

Destiny has been a little short of soul so far, but even the first teaser of the sequel has become so easy that we have reason to hope. We already know that Bungie has pushed for a huge abortion on things so far, so we’ll move on with a clean slate, a whole new story, plus we’ll be led by Luke Smith, to whom we owe the genius The Taken King anyway.

The PC version

When Destiny was released, many thought this game would definitely come to PC as well. Me too. I also wrote it down. Did not come. It may have been that Bungie and Activision at first thought they would do the port, but then Sony or Microsoft (maybe both) convinced them that it might not be such a good idea. If you understand what I mean.

If all is true, then Destiny 2 will be on PC. But it doesn’t really matter how. We can pretty much be sure that Sony will send the Uruk-hai fighter to Activision, that if there will be a PC version anyway, it will be released at least a little after the console release. By the way, more and more people are doing this lately, mostly citing last-minute optimization (mehh), but it would be a big weapon from the publisher to appear on all platforms at once. The fact is that with the PC version, Bungie bounces on the sopo scooter (or any team it releases) to, because pretty much every item in Destiny that the developer code has broken into badly lately; constantly online, large open spaces with hidden fillers, shared worlds, MMO elements, brutally detailed and therefore resource-intensive design, PvP to name just a few. It would be a big wall for anyone, I would be surprised if this bend was trouble-free. However, one of the most important factors in the success of a PC port right now is that it works.

Opinion: then I would ask for this Destiny 2, say yesterday

You’re a Raider! Legendary!

Destiny’s strongest point was the Raid. That may not be an issue. This is the biggest challenge in the game, the point where a lot of grind finally pays off, where it all depends on teamwork calculated per second. It’s a bit like an average prom dance. You’re only trying to keep the rhythm with the music and the dancers next to you in a half-sized, unsuitable outfit for the occasion, while your brother M&M throws your forehead from the front row. Only the dress is geared , the noob is a dancing noob next to you, your brother is the boss, and M&M is a million explosive projectiles.

The flawless track and mission design has made the raids the most beautiful experience in Destiny, and you’ve forgotten with you the few hundred hours you’ve spent monotonously grinding the right gear in front of it. These missions with a good team were incredibly enjoyable, but after a while, even with a bad Fireteam, they came together into a precisely choreographed butcher ballet. It felt like finishing a raid like I imagined WoW raids based on, according to mazur.

The point is you need more raids. What’s more, I also risk making it worthwhile to increase the number of players from 6 to 8 or just 12 on some raids. This would obviously be a completely different mission, as 12 people in such a game is an uncontrollable crowd, but I think the concept would work with the right changes.

Opinion: then I would ask for this Destiny 2, say yesterday

A Grind

One of the biggest problems with vanilla Destiny was the emptiness of the endgame. If you’re not interested in PvP, you’ve essentially gone after the daily and weekly quests and grinded the current loot cave. When people are forced to stand in front of a cave and shoot resurgent enemies in a game, you know something is wrong there. The loot cave was the two-headed oatmeal of the lack of a new content and the infinitely unjust reward system, and – although I spent hours with it too – I’m very glad it’s no longer with us.

We need constant new content. Content updates to Destiny at first were rare, but at least poor. Obviously, hardcore gamers are always swallowing up new content much faster than a developer can push it out, but for Destiny, even the casual layer has spun through story posts more than it would be healthy. With Taken King and Rise of Iron, the situation has improved a lot, with the former pulling the game out of the mouth of the sure death, and the latter has finally begun to tell a story. With Destiny 2, you need to be more adept at scheduling new content, constantly dropping updates from time to time, or perhaps giving players the tools to create new content for the community itself.

I still have a few (hundred) things in my head that I want from Destiny 2. For example, I would be very grateful if the music without Marty O’Donnell would be as fantastic as it was in the first part. I would love to have a little more caste, deeper RPG elements and possibly more exotic weapons and gear. There should be a clear need for dedicated servers and more thoughtfully balanced PvP, but obviously it wouldn’t be a problem if the loot system could be taken out of RNJesus, at least in part. Trivia. Important details.

The thing is, I never order a game. But I’m sure my hand will shake over the button now, because in Destiny 2, everything is given to be one of the best shooters of all time. We’ll see.

Opinion: then I would ask for this Destiny 2, say yesterday

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  • Developer: Bungie
  • Publisher: Activision
  • Platform: PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One
  • Style: Action, FPS
  • Appearance: 09/06/2017

Continuing Bungie’s successful online FPS, Destiny 2 is once again inviting players and their Guardians to fight a new evil and army, the Red Legion.

Opinion: then I would ask for this Destiny 2, say yesterday