Opinion: Top 5 games you’d like a remaster of..

Very good to the community of SamaGame. This will be my first contribution on this page and I have decided to share with you a theme that will make more than one person evoke past times … The theme of remastering. Whether it is to be able to try a game that in its day I could not do it due to circumstances, because I like to relive my childhood or simply because I can replay some of my favorite games in an improved version, I love that the companies have released the market this type of product (despite the fact that this denotes an “easy” way out when it comes to putting out a game, companies take out something that they know is going to sell because it was very successful in its day), and if it is done well, the product usually leaves a very good taste in the mouth. Without further ado, I begin with my list:

5.Rule of Rose

I was completely unaware of the existence of this game until a couple of years ago when I saw it in one of those horror game compilations and I must say it completely intrigued me. With a very well posed and very original plot within the genre, it places us in the 30s in the shoes of a 19-year-old girl who is kidnapped by a gang of psychopathic girls who take her aboard an airship where they will make her pass a Calvary if you want to get out of there in one piece. Throughout the game, Jenn (the protagonist) will recover the lost memories of a traumatic childhood that will do nothing but ignite the psychotic atmosphere that surrounds the entire game. Considered a great work among horror games, it uses the inspiration of other games of the genre such as Silent Hill, providing its own essence, combining mystery and terror from the hand of girls who seem taken from the deepest of hell. I could not play this game in its time and I know that it is something that will never happen, at least I have been able to know the game thoroughly thanks to the means that exist today.

Opinion: Top 5 games you’d like a remaster of.

4.The Punisher

Those of you who have played this game will know why I have included it here. This is one of those games that, as the acclaimed serial killer Dexter Morgan puts it, serves to bring out your dark passenger. And I’m talking about the interrogations and executions. Despite having taken all the information available to the enemies, you want to see how those kitchen knives impale them or how that friendly rhinoceros from the zoo sharpens his horn with the guts of a poor bully … And I have rarely seen anything so clever in a video game. Whenever I saw the white interrogation mark on a stage, a wild instinct was kindled within me that prompted me to discover what kind of macabre torture had been put at my disposal. It is not the typical shooting game, Marvel’s favorite antihero manages to create a game full of black humor and with a staging that leaves no one indifferent … (I imagine that you have tried to throw the thugs out the windows hahahaha )

3.Shadow of Rome

Without a doubt, one of my favorite ps2 games that passed without making too much noise and hidden by great titles that overshadowed it. The story places us in ancient Rome, in which, without revealing too many details of the plot, we play a Roman centurion whose destiny is truncated and is forced to walk the path of the gladiator (what does this sound like to me?) And all this mixed with the political aspirations of the characters and the plots and tricks that conspire against each other. At this point, it seems like the typical Roman story that happens to be common and this would be true if it weren’t for its strong point: the gameplay.
And it is that those who have tried it, will know that there is no better game to download hate than this. The combat system is simply epic, the developers have managed to dramatize the mutilation of the human body in a brutal way. You can cut off an enemy’s arm and then hit him with it while the entire crowd of the colosseum cheers you on, as well as split an enemy in half with weapons bigger than you, and of course, you could not miss the possibility of performing capable attacks to separate the head from the body of your enemies. A great game that deserves a place among the greats that perhaps did not have a great reception because it was not well known, a case similar to that of Darksiders. Nothing better to quench the feeling of brutality. Fun like few others.

Opinion: Top 5 games you’d like a remaster of.

2.Final Fantasy XII

Many may throw themselves at my neck for putting this one in second place, but it seems to me a great game that breaks with the turn-based RPG scheme, giving a fresh air to the genre and adding dynamism to the battle system. The Slag hunting system (I think it was called that in Spanish) was a great incentive of the game that made it even better. He may not have the best Final Fantasy story, nor the most charismatic or cruelty baddie in the saga, nor the best-known or most psychologically developed characters, but that does not mean that he can be a great FF that has carried the weight very well. of a very demanding saga due to the great titles that it has offered us over the years. And to be honest, this is the one that has the best chance of being remastered, and without a doubt I would buy it out of the box.

1.The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask

Of course, this game could not be missing from the list and I think it deserves more than the first position. It is the game that for many is the best of a fantastic saga, which is not to say little. And it is because it is a masterpiece wherever you look at it, with one of the most disturbing and enigmatic villains in the history of video games (Majora’s Mask seems to me one of the best incarnations of evil that I have seen), a deeper and more tragic story than that of its direct predecessor (OoT), with one of the funniest boss fights in the saga (it has to do with the boss of a certain snowy mountain), characterized by a gloomy and vile atmosphere that brings the touch of darkness that all fans love about the game and the temporal aspect, which puts you in tension during the events of the story to prevent that diabolical star from causing a catastrophe on the unfathomable lands of Termina. Gentlemen, we are before the maximum exponent to which every work wants to aspire, the zenith of a generation, the quintessence of genius.

Opinion: Top 5 games you’d like a remaster of.

Surely I left some game in the pipeline, but being my first contribution I did not want to extend it too much. If the companies hadn’t already blessed us with remasters like Kingdom Hearts, Shadow of the Colossus / Ico, and FF-X, they would certainly occupy a spot on my list, just as they do in my heart. I invite you to explain what games you would like to replay on next-generation consoles. I hope you share your past games with me to see if I keep track of them as well. Thanks for your time and until next time!