Opinion Why you should choose big headphones. Find 5 reasons.

Opinion Why you should choose big headphones. Find 5 reasons

A small guide to help you make the right purchase.

Opinion Why you should choose big headphones.  Find 5 reasons

Many consider that a music lover and an audiophile are synonymous, but they are not. In one case, he is a lover of different styles of music in principle, and in the other, he is an admirer of the freshest possible sound. I myself belong to the first category, because the quality of endless listening to audio has always been the last thing on my mind.

I’ve only been using EarPods for three or four years. from the iPhone box for the street and the banal Sennheiser CX 200 for the home. Separating their functions is “legitimate”: the latter do not have a microphone to communicate, and touching their cables while they are active causes unpleasant noise. By the way, after writing these couple of lines I even felt a little embarrassed, since I call myself a real geek and other “swear words” like that.

Opinion Why you should choose big headphones.  Find 5 reasons

It’s time to choose new headphones. But, big or small?

I need a solution that is as versatile as possible, that is a reliable companion both in my home office case and in the endless trips that occupy my life. After the first contact with the problem, I came to the conclusion that I cannot go out with only one pair, because I want to achieve too much. In this case, I share my opinion about large headphones.

By the way, I have intentionally simplified the problem as much as possible, combining monitor, ceiling and other types of large “ears”. The differences between all of them have been coldly exposed not so long ago by Dima Bardash – here is the link.

Opinion Why you should choose big headphones.  Find 5 reasons

1. Larger aperture for better sound quality

If you skip the many nuances and leave other variables in suspense, it’s the size of the aperture that’s responsible for sound quality. The bigger the better. – music sounds cooler, fuller, bigger, etc. The smallest earbuds have a diameter of just 9mm, while their larger counterparts have a diameter of 30mm or more.

I have deliberately visited almost every electronics supermarket in my city and can honestly say that bigger headphones always sound better. But here a small warning is urgently needed: we are talking about the same price category, because the Chinese “rattles” are in any case inferior to even the smallest variants of the brand.

Opinion Why you should choose big headphones.  Find 5 reasons

Since the sound is even too subjective, I recommend that you try listening to the headphones before buying them. If you can’t, trust the price. Normally, the more expensive, the colder. But it doesn’t always work with “hot” titles like Beats and the like.

2. Higher listening comfort and less damage to ears

Many of us like fresh and juicy music that gets everyone pumped up from within. It’s never enough for us and we turn the volume up more and more. But we rarely consider that this hunger is due to the peculiarities of the eardrums, which are simply stretched.

To minimize the damage to your ears, which frankly get tired even with not too loud music, you need regular rest. Also, the source of the sound should be as far away from the eardrum as possible. Needless to say, large headphones in this case are very… gain?

Opinion Why you should choose big headphones.  Find 5 reasons

By the way, to give a definitive answer to the comfort question, I asked my small focus group with a representative sample. Most prefer large ear cups: they don’t have to be “squeezed” and they are comfortable. But this is only true for stationary use.

3. Home comfort: long cord and more

Of course, big headphones are mostly just for the home or office – non-mobile applications. And this situation is reminiscent of modern desktop and laptop computers. No one would argue that working on a 27-inch iMac is much more comfortable than a 12″ MacBook but it doesn’t fit in any of my bags.

A cordless option or a solution with the longest, thickest cable possible that doesn’t tangle, all for convenience. However, a small backpack or something similar would be needed to transport it all. And not everyone wants to use such a solution on the go: not everyone likes to wind endless “laces” around their belly.

Opinion Why you should choose big headphones.  Find 5 reasons

To make the experience as complete as possible, I borrowed my friend’s Audio-Technica ATH-M50x. Of course, it is difficult to call them audiophiles, but such a task is not set in principle. It turned out that already after half an hour you completely forget that your head is “connected” to the sound source: you get the impression that music is coming from the speakers. You can’t get that feeling with just any plug.

4. More impedance for a quality speaker

To get the best possible sound, you need two components: a good sound source and good big “ears”. Today there simply aren’t really interesting little headphones with high impedance to remotely resemble professional equipment. I haven’t gone into the “why” question, but I suspect it’s physically impossible.

Hence another argument in favor of large, high-impedance headphones. They are the only ones capable of capturing beauty audiophile or close to that definition of equipment.

However, high impedance headphones are absolutely useless without the proper equipment. A Mac can pump them out somehow, but an iPhone can’t if you want to. For a mobile phone you will have to buy an amplifier or, well, look at some specific players.

Opinion Why you should choose big headphones.  Find 5 reasons

5. Support the “big headphones guy” lifestyle

Too many people I know in my not-so-close environment lead a lifestyle I’ve dubbed “guy with big headphones.” And it’s great: the same huge “ears” around the neck, baggy clothes, backpack on shoulders and everything else. Too bad I’m more of a scrawny hipster with glasses, so I can’t try it on. image I do not think I can.

The coolest big headphones with very interesting prices here.

Many people look at people as if they were aliens. I think that is what is said. They just don’t realize they have their favorite perfectly rocking accessory around their neck, and in their pocket a ColorFly Pocket HiFi C4 Pro, which costs half as much as a macbook. But it’s not even about the price, but about the feeling of the world around you, and the opinion of those who throw a ridiculous smile is just a smile.

Opinion Why you should choose big headphones.  Find 5 reasons

Small “ears” have as much or more advantage

Still, big headphones should be at home. In the open air, it is better to take some small model with headphones: light weight, fresh look and maximum comfort in the bustle of city life. And it’s not the only place where it feels better, but that’s a topic for another discussion.

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