OPPO Band 2, the new activity bracelet from OPPO.

OPPO Band 2 is equipped with a large ultra-clear screen, with colorful faces, a strap available in two colors, Baby blue and Black midnight, and with improved functionalities for both sleep measurement, health control, and sleep mode. training, providing consumers with a smarter, healthier and higher quality user experience.

A large, ultra-sharp screen in a fresh and elegant design

Designed for young-at-heart users, OPPO Band 2 features a 1.57-inch ultra-clear large screen with a pixel density of 302 PPI, a 47% higher screen-to-body ratio than its predecessor from the previous generation, and a 74% larger screen area, making interactions simpler and easier. Screen brightness is up to 500 nits, ensuring clear viewing even in bright outdoor conditions.

OPPO Band 2, the new activity bracelet from OPPO

OPPO Band 2 not only provides a clearer visual experience with a larger screen, but also offers an attractive two-color strap design and various patterned watch faces, AI Outfit Watch Face 2.0, and watch face widgets. personalized, making it easy for us to adapt our sphere to show that style that makes us unique. Likewise, OPPO Band 2 is light, weighing about 33gr (20gr only for the sphere), and it adapts to our wrist with great comfort.

Professional training mode and OSleep for a healthier lifestyle

For more professional and accurate monitoring of health and training data, OPPO Band 2 has a built-in high-precision 6-axis motion sensor, as well as heart rate and blood oxygen meters. Thanks to its powerful hardware, it incorporates a new tennis mode, which can recognize various tennis shots and record five types of data: shot type, swing type, activity duration, heart rate and calories burned. OPPO Band 2 also offers improvements in running functionality, with running heart rate monitoring, CRF evaluation, speed suggestions and 13 running types available. The professional checking of the data and the recommendations and suggestions that it provides us will help us to run more efficiently and more safely. In addition, OPPO Band 2 supports up to 100 programmable workout types and automatic detection of 4 modes: walking, running, elliptical machine and rowing machine, making these workouts safer and more effective too.

OPPO Band 2, the new activity bracelet from OPPO

OPPO Band 2 helps us sleep better with OSleep sleep monitoring in whatever scenario. Before going to bed we can establish a sleep schedule and the bracelet will activate the sleep mode on the linked phone so that nothing bothers us, and while we sleep, the band will control our sleep, awakening, sleep duration, sleep phases ( deep sleep and light sleep), REM sleep cycles, the level of oxygen in the blood, and will even assess the risks of snoring if we have our mobile device nearby.

After waking up, we can consult the sleep quality report and the snoring report to better understand what type of sleep and rest we are having. More health functions of OPPO Band 2 include all-day heart rate monitoring, real-time stress monitoring and warning, rest report and water consumption reminders, to help us stay more hydrated and healthier.

OPPO Band 2, the new activity bracelet from OPPO

An intelligent assistant of your life in motion on your wrist

OPPO Band 2 is also our smart assistant for our life. It will allow us to set alarms for the right time we should go to bed, check the weather, set timers and many more options, all from our wrist. It has a long-lasting 14-day battery, so we don’t have to worry about the charge level. Also, with interesting and convenient fast magnetic charging, the OPPO Band 2 can work for a full day with a charge of just 5 minutes and will be fully charged in just one hour, offering us an uninterrupted smart experience.


OPPO Band 2, available in two colors, BabyBblue and Black Midnight. With a modern and elegant appearance and excellent performance, it is a perfect technological product and an ideal fashion accessory for the youngest.

OPPO Band 2, the new activity bracelet from OPPO

OPPO Band 2 will be available on OPPO e-commerce from November.