Options trading. Choosing the merchant path.

Options trading. Choosing the merchant path

Game, work or self-deception?

Options trading.  Choosing the merchant path

Is there a lot you can do in 60 seconds? Boil some water and make a cup of tea with a couple of sugars; make a restaurant reservation for the next night; make a bed; walk 85 meters… If you decide to try binary options, the same 60 seconds can have two faces: you can earn a few dollars quickly, or you can decrease your portfolio by the same amount.

What does the platform offer? IQ Option? A trivial game of heads and tails, a chance to test the laws of elementary probability theory or test the power of your own intuition?

Options trading.  Choosing the merchant path

Typical beginner mistakes

No matter how skeptical a modern Internet user may be, sooner or later banners that promise at least a small financial return force us to decide: “I’ll try it! After all, the risks are not great, but what if we are lucky? And this is the most common, arguably fatal mistake of the novice trader.

    Small capital and insufficient margin

Over the next few hours, a series of predictable actions take place: immediately after registration, the minimum amount allowed to start trading is deposited, the minimum bet size is set, and “game starts”. It is a single player game. You can be sure that you will be among the winners, and the “rogue brokerage firm” will go down in your mind as a “phony” shamelessly looting a potentially successful trader.

Options trading.  Choosing the merchant path

Small capital rarely promises large amounts of money.

The only reason it happens is because having a negligible amount of money in the market. A novice trader strives to “hit the jackpot” as soon as possible. In other words, by pursuing the goal of obtaining the highest possible profit disproportionate to the initial investment, the beginner condemns himself to a loss.

Options trading.  Choosing the merchant path

    A misunderstanding of what is happening

I have traded Forex, I have invested in PAMM accounts and I am also very familiar with binary options offered by IQ Option. Throughout this period I have only trusted my own intuition, nurturing my confidence by diligently reading RBC news bulletins and pseudo-studying the state of the world economy. There are no new Bentleys outside my house yet and I am still a rare visitor to the Seychelles. But I have gained experience by learning to consciously analyze charts and trend curves.

    Emotionality and intuition are your worst enemy

A future trader’s familiarity with a trading platform and the principle of currency pair price fluctuations should be based on some evolutionary growth. A venerable trader keeps in his arsenal an impressive set of oscillators, trend indicators, his own curated list of expert advisors and a host of programs that help fight the compulsion of human intuition.

    trading is not a game

We have all had a ball, but only a few have become professional footballers. We don’t blame Nike and Adidas for never having conquered the “curly top left nine.” However, soccer is still one of the most popular games in the world. In the world of commerce, this pattern persists.

Options trading.  Choosing the merchant path

The bag is a job.

IQ Option is essentially not a tool for professional traders. It only helps you understand whether trading in the financial market is suitable for you as a main activity and at the same time makes it clear that trading is not an easy job. Many newcomers initially perceive it as entertainment.

shh. While you think, open it. test account with 1,000 dollars – Free, without investment, for games and training.

Options trading.  Choosing the merchant path

    Irrational risk is a sure path to bankruptcy

From the first minutes of working with the trading terminal, a beginner begins to feel like a real guru of the market. The first successful sales/purchase agreements give even more confidence. After a few hours of this “intuitive play,” the time comes when the beginner increases the amount of each new deal with the feeling of knowledge. It is not difficult to guess that trading will end long before the official close of the stock market at 5:00 p.m.

Don’t chase profits and don’t be in a hurry to take risks.

When working with Option IQ, develop a sense of self-control. Do not set out to earn as much as possible in a short time. A patient trader is like a predator willing to wait 24 hours for his prey, and before entering the market, he makes sure that the chances of winning are greater than 50%.

    Trust, but verify

To successfully trade the financial market, there are a number of additional tools that help the trader analyze the curves, predict new quotes and “feel” what is happening.

Options trading.  Choosing the merchant path

The best adviser is yourself.

В IQ Option it also has its own built-in advisor that shows the probability of a trend curve moving up or down, but if you really want to significantly increase your starting capital, learn to analyze the market yourself.

Trade as a way of life

After installation IQ Option Client Monitoring your Instagram and Twitter feed has been relegated to the background. You are literally immersed in an atmosphere of numbers, quotes, and graphs, and trust me, it’s hard to get out of that state. Not only do you see trading as a game that can produce some profit, but you feel like a solid human being, a true bear of the financial market. The value of a minute of your life is multiplied in your eyes…

Options trading.  Choosing the merchant path

It is at this point that you ask yourself a few key questions:

  • Are you prepared for a job that involves constant monitoring of economic indicators, graphs, trends and curves?
  • How long has it been since you installed the IQ Option client?
  • How many hours in a row have you been trying to predict the movement of the curve and is this time profitable in relation to your main profession?
  • Do you know the nature of buying/selling operations and what guides you when raising or lowering rates?

Regardless of what you answered, the brokerage company IQ Option It really got the job done. Were you able to understand the main point: is it worth trading or is it better to put the kettle down and have another cup of tea?

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