Orange Internet Plus Flat Rate.

Little by little we are getting closer to true affordable flat rates for surfing the Internet from the mobile, this time the one who has moved the tab is Orange which presents us with Internet Plus Flat Rate.

The name tells us little because it certainly seems that there are no more adjectives to describe the products, so let’s study their characteristics in detail. These characteristics are directly extracted from the web of Orangethere has been no problem with it, I have to say that it had been a long time since I had seen a rate so clearly explained, leaving little room for the “small print”.


Orange Internet Plus Flat Rate

We will give the prices without taxes, it will have to be increased by the percentage that it touches, which with future increases we will see what it will be. Orange Internet Plus It has no registration fee and its monthly fee is twelve euros. It has a consumption limit at high speed (3.6 Mbps theoretical) of 300 megabytes per month. Excess traffic is not penalized with a price surcharge, but rather by a reduction in speed, which would be 128 kbps, which is reasonable to continue working with the mobile phone and avoids scares on the bill.

Apparently so far it is not a surprising bill, similar to those already offered Vodafone either Movistar. In addition to the “basic” service, it offers two options that may not be for a majority audience but if they fit your usage profile, they are very interesting.

Orange Internet Plus Flat Rate

For a single registration fee of fifteen euros, you can add the service of BlackBerry unlimited email, this option has no monthly cost, only the registration. And if we cannot live without television we will access the pack TV on your mobile with a subscription of five euros and no monthly cost as long as we do not watch “television” for more than thirty hours per billing cycle, if we are inveterate viewers we will pay one euro for each additional twenty minutes, which is not bad at all, I mean, it is not cheap.

Orange explains on its website clearly the incompatibilities of the rate, we will not be able to contract it together with the voice rates called Flat Rate Naveghable Plus and Dynamic Rate but if we enjoy Sundays Orange and Friends at zero we should not worry.

Orange Internet Plus Flat Rate

It is not compatible with any other data rate, whether mobile or for access with a laptop.

As we said before, the basic package does not seem dazzling and we do not know the potential of mobile television, but if we talk about blackberry with this movement Orange has gone from one of the least attractive rates to the best in the market. In any case, it is good that the path to connectivity is being opened anywhere.

Orange Internet Plus Flat Rate