Origin PC smear campaign against AMD..

A week had passed since AMD announced its new Radeon R7 and R9 series to the world, and some rather shocking news disrupted presentations and jeopardized the sales success of AMD’s new GPUs. Kevin Wasielewski, CEO of Origin PC, a company created as a spin-off from Alienware in 2009 with the aim of creating high-performance gaming PCs, surprised the world with some rather controversial statements.

The statements were none other than his company’s PCs would no longer go on the market with AMD graphics cards and he did so as follows.

”This decision was based on a combination of many factors including customer experiences, GPU performance/drivers/stability, and requests from our support staff. Based on our 15+ years of experience building and selling award winning high-performance PCs, we strongly feel the best PC gaming experience is on Nvidia GPUs.”

Origin PC smear campaign against AMD.

In short, that AMD did not inspire confidence in him as a result of many factors including the poor stability of its GPUs, poor drivers and even the request of his own employees to remove AMD from their PCs. He ended by saying that He was fully convinced that Nvidia had to bet heavily based on 15 years of experience in manufacturing gaming computers.

Rumors of a campaign by Nvidia to scuttle the presentation of the new AMD Hawaiis quickly began to emerge, and some experts still think that such a “black hand” obviously exists.

Origin PC smear campaign against AMD.

To deal with these suspicions, Richard Cary declared that the decision to leave AMD out of the line of its PCs was none other than the lack of professionalism and carelessness with which this manufacturer had treated Origin PC when it prepared the massive presentation of its flagship in Hawaii and when it comes to lending samples of its new GPUs. (You can read the original statements in the source of this news).

Faced with these statements and accusations, PCWORLD itself, the source of this news, wanted to contact Maingear, an AMD partner, which obviously categorically denied these statements.

Origin PC smear campaign against AMD.

But far from putting themselves in the hands of one or the other, who after all are interested parties, they have gone a step further by verifying the statistics, hand in hand with Puget Systems, of failures experienced by the users themselves with each of the manufacturers. in the last 3 years and the results were as follows:

  • Nvidia: 2.42% failures in the field
  • AMD: 3.23% failure in the field

When we talk about failures in the field, we refer to the experiences obtained directly by the users.

Origin PC smear campaign against AMD.

And in the last year:

  • Nvidia: 1.02% failure in the field
  • AMD: 3.25% failures in the field

Are these statistics conclusive enough to support the claims poured out from Origin PC? definitely not.

The conclusion that can be drawn from these statements and accusations is by no means that it is a campaign by Nvidia to discredit a manufacturer such as AMD, which seems to be experiencing a second youth not only in terms of GPUs but also in terms of As for CPUs. Nor can we conclude that they are the product of frustration on the part of Origin PC for not having been treated as they expected by AMD itself.

Origin PC smear campaign against AMD.

The real reasons will not be known, but what is certain is that fair play is still conspicuous by its absence and competition is good, but the end does not justify the means in any case.

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