A good case on our iPhone or iPad is almost essential and in the market we have hundreds of different options, so the choice is quite complicated. You can choose very affordable but questionable quality covers, or high quality branded covers, and a little less affordable for our pocket.

One of these brands of proven quality is Otterbox, and now all covers are on sale on Amazon. We have amazing cases for our iPhone and iPad at prices never seen before, and many of these cases are designed to be super durable. We will analyze the most interesting.

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The best Otterbox cases for iPhone and iPad

Otterbox Defender pour iPad

It is a case for those who carry the iPad everywhere, a authentic off-road case with very advanced protection functions. Otterbox Defender is distinguished by:

  • Be a strong, multi-layered protective case, resistant to drops, shocks and bumps.
  • It has a built-in screen protector that protects the touchscreen from scratches and scratches.
  • The port covers block the passage of dust and dirt.
  • The included stand allows for comfortable reading and writing.
  • The stand provides additional protection during transport.

LifeProof Fre for iPhone

A blanket to be able immerse the iPhone without fear, probably the best waterproof case you can find on the market. These are its main characteristics:

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  • Ultra slim case with protection in all four tests: water, dust, snow and shock resistance.
  • Withstands falls from 2 meters.
  • Fully submersible in water up to 2 meters for a maximum of 1 hour.
  • Fully protected against dust, ice and snow: meets or exceeds the degree of protection against ingress IP-68.

Otterbox Symmetry – Anti-drop case

It is one of the thinnest fall protection blankets on the market, something important because these types of blankets are characterized by their thickness and heaviness. These are its main functions:

  • Ultra-thin: light, elegant and perfect for the pocket.
  • PROTECT THE SCREEN: The pronounced beveled edge protects your touchscreen, providing full compatibility with Otterbox alpha glass screen protectors.
  • Designed to Protect – We tested and built it for you, otterbox certified drop and drop protection is over 24 trials for over 238 hours.
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Otterbox Symmetry Clear – Étui anti-chute

Finally, we recommend this case which has the same characteristics and resistance as the previous one, but it is semi-transparent and reveals the design of the iPhone. With this case, your iPhone will withstand all kinds of drops.

It’s time to take advantage of these deals on Otterbox cases that we have on Amazon for a limited time. There are many more options available And for many other devices, if you want to properly protect your iPhone or iPad, Otterbox cases are the best option on the market.

Source : Techradar

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