Classroom Sci-Fi Sci-Fi Shooter Game in a Semi-Open World with Loot and XP and Levels. Hm, there aren’t that many now and it’s a very specific constellation that Outriders are testing here. Of course, every element has been thoroughly tested in this generation. But in the end, the question is always one and is whether what came out of the blender is still fun. For three hours, played by remote connection, we can answer in the affirmative. With the small restriction that he was just at a distance. Uli surely had more fun than me during his session on site. But it had very little to do with the game. Much more with the chosen class.

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Mine was the trickster because it reminds me so well of Destiny’s Hunter. What Outriders, despite its optional triple coop, is much less reminiscent than I would have thought at first glance. But tricksters are especially beautiful as a class because you not only get to know the enemy from a distance, but also face them directly with teleport jumps and quick jumps. You jump in the middle of a group, disintegrate a few opponents with the class-exclusive melee attack, freeze the others in a time bubble, do a handful of headshots, then try a little restless to stay alive. for three seconds and start the cycle after the new cooldowns in variations. I can see myself spending whole evenings with it and I only regretted this choice of course for remote reasons. On top of how it all works today, a remote desktop has issues with game speed so I figured out more this time around how to go back and forth between enemies without delay and with precision. With the game on your own computer? It will be a legendary crowd crush.

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I’m sorry I thought of Fate spontaneously.

The other two classes, the heavily armored but much slower Devastator or the Pyromancer who plays a lot with fire, might have been more appropriate here, but since we weren’t playing co-op and could only choose one class, I have to be patient to learn what their skill trees give. But I wouldn’t be playing a trickster, and his skill tree development – with even more time fiddling around – seems too much fun. This needs to be explored.

But these technical details on the outside, what exactly will they be here now? Outriders is another end time, this time on another planet that suffers from changes in the space-time continuum and must deal with recurring anomalies. These change space and time and, in turn, offer some interesting battlegrounds to explore in the future. At the start of the game it was more of a background paint with huge debris floating around while your legs were still firmly on the ground.

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Yeah, it’s still the end of time. With monsters it looks like.

The rest of the world only gave a small glimpse, but it moved through a vast landscape full of ruins and the structure, at least for the first few hours, is more reminiscent of a semi-linear role-playing game in which you follow the story of the main quest or take small paths, which deviate from the wider street. One of them drove into a warehouse where there was a small skirmish, including a mini-boss and, of course, the resulting XP, level, and loot. And yes, it can be like an RPG with its levels and side quests, but the story will not branch out much, although you have a few choices here and there in the conversations between the different answers. The world might be half-open, but the end of the story isn’t.

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But not only your own level is crucial. While you kill opponents, you also collect points for the world level, which you increase to a certain extent when you’re ready to do so. Better not before, because once revived, all opponents get stronger and it is not reversible. But the good thing is that there is better loot out there, which can be worth the risk of leveling up early. It’s a good idea to put some of the difficulty in your hands this way.

It’s not entirely without either, and my inability to quickly put the boss on without a bit of grinding wasn’t just due to lagging the connection. My way of playing, with my trickster, shotgun ready, to dive into the middle of the melee, was not yet fully developed here. You only regenerate life energy if you kill opponents. Sometimes there is still a little healing to be found, but 90 percent of your healing is through attacks. This results in a very exciting dynamic, which forces you into a battle comparable to Doom: Eternal. Crouching behind a blanket and waiting doesn’t matter. If only because the opponents are far too aggressive for that.

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The biggest mistake you can make is my usual mob boss tactic: take care of the little things up front, then you can focus on the main act. Stupid only if it turns out to be a fairly spherical sponge, and you’ve previously inefficiently eliminated your possibility of regeneration. I must have nibbled on it pretty well and I can’t wait to erase that shame.

But what I can already say with dedication isn’t surprising given the developer. Despite the technical idiosyncrasies of this allusion, there was more than enough feel to the game to say that the movement, weapon handling, and return of strikes make a great impression. Of course, I can be completely surprised that things don’t go so well on my own computer, but I count on the contrary. This mix of dancing like a beam of kinetically charged energy across the battlefield was done pretty well by Bulletstorm and with Outriders, People Can Fly refined it even further. They worked with Epic forever, Painkiller, their youth, played very well in that direction and with Outriders they show that they obviously haven’t forgotten anything.

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Maybe I should have taken the arsonist after all. It sounds like fun.

And that’s all. Don’t be put off by the somewhat elusive genre stuff here. Ultimately, People Can Fly does what it can: enrich a perfectly-playing shooter with a few fun tips and tricks in order to dramatically shorten long evenings, especially in a triple co-op. There is only one crowd left, one boss to unlock the next skill, get back to the action. Hey I can level the world, it’s three in the morning – there’s still enough time to get some new loot… Yes the story does exist, but honestly I couldn’t tell you what it’s about acts. Did Bulletstorm have one? Was it important? So what. You play Outriders because it’s so much fun.

And frankly, that’s the last thing I expected from a game whose intrusive generic design almost scared me. But what it looks like, looks aren’t everything.

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