Outriders: How to play crossplay.

Outriders: How to play crossplay. In this guide dedicated to Outriders, we want to help you play with friends through crossplay, learn below how to enable Outriders crossplay multiplayer.

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Outriders: How to play crossplay

Outriders: How to play crossplay

Outriders allows all users to play together regardless of the platform they use, but for this you must activate the appropriate option in the configuration. In this guide, we show you how to enable crossplay in Outriders and how to join a group made up of people who play on a different platform than you.

In Outriders it is possible to play with two other players. If your teammates are playing on the same platform as you, just use the platform’s grouping system (for example, Xbox / Steam / PS friends), or use the invitation management system that the game offers. Activating crossplay is not a difficult maneuver, but many are confused that the option must be unlocked manually.

Outriders: How to play crossplay

How to activate Crossplay in Outriders

First you have to go to Options and in the “game dynamics” section, the first one on the left, there is the option “Enable crossplay” Default set to “NO”. Set it to “YES” and the system will now be able to welcome players from other platforms to participate in the same game.

In the main menu and in the management of invitations, the “Play with your friends” button will appear and when you click on it you will notice that in the lower right corner of the window there are two new elements: “Generate your game code” and “Enter the I play using a code.

Outriders: How to play crossplay

Outriders Crossplay Options

  • How to invite players from other platforms

Thanks to the new keys, you will now be able to generate a code to create a cross-play session. If you want to start a game, what you have to do is click on “Generate your game code” and tell your friends the code alphanumeric that appears instead. Your friends will have to do a similar procedure. They will have to click on “Join the game using a code” and manually enter your code, after which they will have to click on “Join”. Now you can play Outriders with your friends.

Crossplay is still in beta and at the moment it does not allow chatting and communicate in any way with your colleagues. The only alternative, at the moment, is to use Discord through a compatible device.

Outriders: How to play crossplay

This is our guide on Outriders: How to play crossplay, if you need other help or solutions we refer you to read the following tutorial tips to get started in Outriders.