A member of the Overwatch community hosted the game’s developers in his livestream, who revealed quite a bit about the work currently underway.

Since Overwatch’s beta, Blizzard has communicated quite often and transparently about the changes they are currently experimenting with to get the most out of the FPS. Recently, the members of the team appeared on one of the programs of a popular streamer, Ster, and talked about what they are working on.

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It was also discussed, for example, that based on the matches played on the test server, they began to evaluate the recently introduced balance-related changes. For example, Mercy’s damage increase will be restored from the increased 50 to the previous 30 percent, but Zenyatta will also be monitored and, if necessary, her health increased to 200 (combined with the shield) will be reduced to 175 for a mid laner. The new hero, Ana, was also discussed, in connection with which a small bug was fixed (her shots filled the weapons of the Zaryás in her team), and they also told about the comic book that has been published since then.

Jeff Kaplan and his team also revealed that, in addition to the new characters, they are also working on levels, and four of them at the same time, although it is not certain that all of them will appear. They also want to invent new game modes for these, but the first new location will await us with one of the familiar tasks. Of course, they don’t neglect the previous heroes, who will receive new skins in the summer, as well as an idea or two regarding the second season of the competitive mode, which was not very successful.

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This is how the members of Blizzard said again that the coin toss method will be avoided, as they are also experimenting with how to allow the selection of the same heroes. They also aim to cut back on the length of competitive matches a bit, with the first step likely being to shorten the time available to attackers. Finally, they also talked about the fact that we will be able to turn on the function for every hero – which until now was mainly available for healing and supporting heroes – to see the health bars of our teammates, as they also work on hitboxes, which they mainly want to avoid a character behind cover can be shot despite not being seen by the attacker.

By the way, you can watch the entire stream here. Do you think the developers are taking Overwatch in the right direction?

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  • Developer: Blizzard Entertainment
  • Publisher: Blizzard Entertainment
  • Platform: PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One
  • Style: FPS
  • Appearance: 24/05/2016