In a time like this, between new Triple A titles and new discoveries, it is certainly not easy to shed light on old glories of the past and games that marked an era. But Nintendo wanted to defy fate and give new and old fans a title that had been so loved, especially in its very first form.

We are talking about Paper Mario: The King of Origami, the new chapter of the saga has finally landed on Nintendo Switch. Its last predecessor dates back to 2016, which is why the development team wanted to give the brand a breath of fresh air.

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The Mushroom Kingdom is as splendid as we remember it, characterized by all the iconic inhabitants that we have loved so much over the years. However, as the name suggests, something differentiates it from the usual: everything is made entirely of paper, flat and perfectly smooth. Everything… or almost.

In fact, Princess Peach does not appear like the other characters, but in three dimensions, folded in an origami. He’s not the only one to have undergone this mysterious transformation: most of Bowser’s henchmen, in fact, received the same treatment.

Behind this mysterious change and behind the princess’s abnormal behavior hides the evil Oliver – the Origami King to be precise – who wants to control the whole kingdom and literally bend it to his will. This is where Mario’s adventure begins, but he is not alone: ​​to his aid, Olivia rushes in, the king’s good sister who wants to stop him and bring everything back to its origins.

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The plot is simple, with no striking twists. However, he retains an excellent ability to attract the viewer, to introduce them more and more into the narrative atmosphere. As expected, the focal point of the chapter (and the series in general) is the paper and how to use it to your advantage.

And it is precisely on this element that our entire adventure is based within the game, which remains faithful to the saga, however bringing interesting news. The new chapter is an RPG like its older brethren, but it pays more attention to the adventure component, placing a lot of emphasis on exploration and rewarding players for it.

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Whether it is through new spaces to discover, collectable or rare items to recover or simply breathtaking scenery, exploration is strongly encouraged. To season it all, it’s the roundup of the puzzles, puzzles and timed activities that we come into contact with during the adventure. During our journey, for example, we may come across rough and impassable roads, which can only be overcome by changing the surface of the terrain.

The evil king of origami wrapped the whole world in magical ribbons. It’s up to Mario and Olivia, the king’s good sister, to save the world again!

This is possible by using a hammer capable of reducing everything to confetti and then using it to reconstruct the interrupted path. Or you can temporarily use extendable arms, capable of chopping down a tree that is obstructing the road, swinging bridges, or throwing rocks.

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The RPG element is however present in a massive way during clashes with enemies. Once we meet one, we will be transported to a battlefield, where the real fight will begin. The skirmish takes place according to the basic mechanics of role-playing games: turn-based combat, the possibility of using different objects and abilities depending on the enemies we face.

To these, however, is added a whole new puzzle element, based on the positioning of opponents within a chessboard. The goal of the player is to rotate the right segments to line up the enemies and allow Mario to perform his attacks and eliminate them in the shortest possible time. The Plumber actually has two main skills available (a jump to hit enemies in a straight line and hit with the hammer for an area attack) and the ability to use defensive or healing items.

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Each fight takes place in a circular grid where you have to line up all the enemies to perform combo attacks.

However innovative and interesting, the system boils down to rather simple and monotonous battles, characterized simply by redistributing enemies within the field and taking them down quickly. Since coins are the only rewards that can be obtained during confrontations, it goes without saying that in the long run, one is even tempted to avoid enemies as much as possible. Unlike what happens with exploration, which instead allows us to find useful items to give us power or hearts to increase our base health.

However, the boss fights are different. Unlike regular fights, these battles will place the enemy in the center of the field and Mario will have to compose a path to access them instead. Difficulty, challenge, and fun become much more relevant in these situations. Between traps, traps and surprise attacks, the player is much more tempted to defeat the enemy and continue the adventure.

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An even richer adventure thanks to an incredibly laudable technical and artistic sector. Varied landscapes, multi-faceted enemies and iconic characters will be well integrated and distributed throughout the game. From the magical forest to the bazaar in the middle of the desert, from mysterious caves to ninja parks, every setting is perfectly constructed, fully explorable and full. objects to retrieve.

Mario can use long origami arms to move items and unlock passages.

Each element, whether artistic, decorative or practical, stimulates the attention and curiosity of the player who finds himself wanting to explore more and more without realizing the passage of time.

On the other hand, we would also like to salute the storytelling sector and its Italian adaptation, which has preserved and rehabilitated truly original and fun “original” themed pearls and games.

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Finally, Paper Mario: The Origami King is a really successful title, pleasant in its simplicity and appreciable in its mechanics. While some of them can be repetitive at times, the new Nintendo game still manages to keep the player’s attention threshold high. This new chapter is therefore presented as the episode that the series needed.

Source : Reddit