Paradox has announced a partnership with Microsoft to launch a mod platform on PC and Xbox One.

Paradox Mods allows you to easily upload mods to this website. In principle, they should all be compatible with PC and Xbox One. Paradox will have to pre-approve mods, although it will only ban those that do not comply with the service’s standards (for example, if they have material protected by copyright).

This platform serves as an alternative to Steam Workshop when installing mods in the company’s games, specialized in strategy titles; some of them are available in other stores, like GOG. Within the games compatible with Paradox Mods, a new option will appear in the main menu to manage the mods, which can also be sent to download from the browser.

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The first game with official support for Parados Mods on Xbox One is Surviving Mars, which has also been updated with support for keyboard and mouse control. Stellaris and Cities: Skylines are also available on PC. Paradox’s intention is to progressively expand the number of mod-compatible games on Xbox One.