Passing our emails to Gmail

gExodus is a utility that helps us to make the transition from our normal offline email account, that is, the one we access using an email client to a Gmail account.

This utility is very appropriate especially for those email accounts with a lot of traffic. however, the program has some limitations. The program works with files with the Mbox format and although this is the format used by default by Thunderbird in Outlook and Outlook Express, we will need to convert your files to this format. To carry out:

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  • Outlook users: will download and install the PST Reader utility. This program converts the Outlook message file with the extension .pst to the Mbox format. This file is usually located in the following path “C: Documents and Settings Application Data Microsoft Outlook “(Windows XP)
  • Outlook Express users: in this case the emails are stored in a file in another format with the extension .dbx. To find out where the file is stored, we will open Outlook Express, go to Tools / Options, look for the Maintenance tab and click on the storage folder. To convert this file we will use the DBXConv utility. The best way to do this is by placing the file. dbx in the same folder as the DBXConv utility and drag and drop it onto DBXConv.
  • Thunderbird users: Thunderbird stores your messages in the profiles folder usually has the path “C: Documents and Settings Application Data Thunderbird Profiles “(Windows XP) in an .msf format file

Once we have located or created the files, we will run gExodus and fill in the necessary information such as the gmail username, the path to the file, and the label that we want to assign to the imported emails.

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