Patapon 3 gets release date and price.

The cute but ruthless Patapon are back with a vengeance. Two years after their last adventure, they encounter a danger that turns almost all Patapon into stone statues. The only survivor is Hatapon, flag bearer of the masses. Fortunately, you -the hero of the story- will be brought back to life and you can start all over again recruiting Patapons to fight against some evil spirits again.

Although an article about Patapon 3 appeared on both the European and American Playstation blog, the European version made no mention of a possible release date or cost for the game. So for now, we can only inform you that the game will be released on PSN and UMD on April 12 in North America. There, Patapon 3 will cost just under $19.99.

The gameplay in this third offspring is identical to that in part two. You still have to give your army of Patapons orders such as ‘Attack’ and ‘Defend’ by pressing buttons rhythmically. What’s new are the extensive multiplayer options. So you can now not only compete with, but also against your friends. In addition, each level can be completed with a maximum of eight players. Plus, you can enjoy all of this online or locally.

Patapon 3 gets release date and price

It remains to be seen for the time being on a European release date and target price. As soon as more information is known, you will hear it here. In the meantime, feel free to practice on your rhythm feeling.