Developer Grinding Gear Games has announced that Expedition, its newest expansion to Path of Exile, is now available for free on PS4 and Xbox One. The content had been made available in advance for players on Windows and macOS last week.

In addition, Path of Exile: Royale, a game mode introduced in 2018 for a limited time as an April Fools joke, has been enhanced and returns to the game in weekend play sessions.

Watch the trailer with English subtitles on YouTube:

More information on Path of Exile: Expedition can be found below, via Grinding Gear Games:

In Path of Exile: Expedition, players encounter the Kalguuran, who have traveled to Wraeclast in order to follow in the footsteps of their ancestors and recover their people’s lost artifacts. Overwhelmed by the dangers they unearthed in their excavations, the Kalguuran have no choice but to enlist the violent services of the players. In these Expeditions, heroes will need to strategically plant chains of explosives and detonate them, defeating the undead that may rise in the process. Tactical planning is crucial, as it will be necessary to decide what to prioritize in the excavation, carefully balancing the lure of treasures with your real abilities to face the dangers that come with them.

Choices such as unearthing chests full of valuable rewards, or reviving dead Kalguuran explorers and their unique treasures may come up. It is worth knowing about the mysterious camps with Kalguuran Remains scattered around the place, in this case. When detonated, its modifiers increase the difficulty and reward in ancient rune artifacts in your Expedition camps.

These artifacts can be traded with new merchants known as Tujen the Haggler, Rog the Dealer, Gwennen the Gambler, and their leader Dannig. Each of these new NPCs offers a unique trading experience that can be leveraged: Gwennen the Gambler believes that good luck only exists and comes to those who believe in it enough. Rog the Dealer is a fearful but sincere man who only wants good trades. Tujen the Bargainer is open to negotiation but has a short temper. Dannig is the leader of the Expedition and wants to facilitate his exchanges with his countrymen.

Path of Exile: Expedition also offers players the opportunity to discover Logbooks, which can be forged to maximize their value or traded with other players. Dannig can use the chronicles present in them to take players to the locations they mention. These Expeditions are much larger than normal Expeditions and may contain secret passageways leading to exotic treasures and ancient bosses.

Additionally, Path of Exile: Expedition also features 19 powerful new Skills and Support Gems for players to create and adapt characters to the most diverse playstyles. The expansion also brings balance to the game’s various systems to make gameplay more challenging, as well as reworking the flask system to give players more flexibility.