We have known for a long time that Facebook tries to include a payment function between users in WhatsApp. This feature started in India and recently made the jump to Brazil, and it looks like Spain may be the next country to include this feature.

Mobile payments have become very popular and functions like Bizum have become a success to instantly send small amounts of money to friends and family. WhatsApp does not want to miss this train and has many options to become a very popular platform.

In practically the whole world, and especially in Spain, WhatsApp is the only messaging app used. Despite other alternatives like Telegram which are better in many ways, WhatsApp came first and its popularity is at its peak, and it is very difficult for someone to replace it.

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Spain could be the next country to include WhatsApp payments

The information was revealed by the popular website WABetaInfo, which has had good information for a long time. This website is responsible for analyze beta versions of WhatsApp and filter new features before they are released. They were the first to disclose WhatsApp’s popular dark mode.

The latest beta of WhatsApp for iOS arrived just a few hours ago and it looks like there are traces of the launch of the WhatsApp payment service in Spain, at least that’s what WABetaINfo reports:

WhatsApp is working to improve payments for specific countries, especially Spain. Please note that payments are not yet available in this country.

It doesn’t mean that WhatsApp payments will launch in the next few days, but it does mean says Spain could be the next big country to include them. Of course, you never know, it took over a year to launch dark mode.

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In addition to this great news for Spanish WhatsApp users, this new beta includes some other news:

  • Changes in the section to show all shared media files, to improve the loading speed of images, videos and GIFs.
  • Improvements to self-destruct messages, but not yet available.
  • WhatsApp now compiles with the iOS 13.6 SDK.
  • When you end a call, there is now a new dial tone.
  • New ringtone for group calls.
  • WhatsApp makes an effort to allow a user to join a missed group call, if the group call still exists.
  • Improvements to start WhatsApp when there is little storage space available on your device.
  • Many stability improvements for the app.

We don’t know when all of these improvements will arrive in the official app, at the moment they are available in the beta. Even if features like payments are still in development and they cannot be used even with the beta version installed.

Source : Techradar