Due to the increasing number of PC cheaters in Call of Duty: Warzone More and more console gamers are simply turning off their cross play. After all, console gamers are fed up with PC users who use all kinds of tools to cheat.

Console gamers aren’t the only ones noticing this problem. Developer Infinity Ward handed out over 70,000 bans last week. In addition to these bans, the company is currently working on various security updates and improving the in-game reporting system. The developer stresses that it has zero tolerance for cheaters.

Despite all the efforts of the developers, cheating nevertheless continues to emerge. Thanks to Call of Duty subreddits, we still see all kinds of videos showing the problem. Disabling cross play against cheaters also has negative consequences. This way you can no longer play with your friends on the PC and the matchmaking takes much longer.

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Source: Twitter Feeds