Have you ever wanted to know how much time you spend on the internet, how many words you typed in a day or where you clicked on your screen? WhatPulse for Windows does all of that and more. It is a feature-rich program that monitors your keyboard and mouse usage, network bandwidth and sends these statistics to a web portal, allowing you to analyze your computing life in the simplest way. This also allows you to compete with others by comparing these stats with other WhatPulse users.

WhatPulse’s interface is divided into Overview, Input, Network, Uptime, Settings, and Account Setup tabs. The last one, Set Up Accounts, is the tab that welcomes you when the app first launches. You may have already guessed that you will first need to create an account to upload your stats. Fortunately, you can speed things up by signing in with your Facebook account. When you sign in, the remaining tabs are unlocked.

PC keyboard, mouse and network usage monitor with heat maps

The Overview tab gives you an overview of all the information that is collected about your machine, for example, the version of Windows installed on your PC, processor model, RAM, GPU, total click count, keystrokes, and usage of bandwidth. Clicking ‘Pulse’ below here uploads the collected data to an online server.

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For more details, you can of course switch to the corresponding tab for each category. For example, the Input tab shows you the number of keystrokes and clicks your PC has registered over a certain period of time. The time period can be sorted daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, and all time. The ‘everyone’ setting will show statistics since the program was installed, of course.

Below the keystrokes, you will find a keyboard heatmap, which basically uses light and warm colors to show which keys were used more than others during the selected period of time, as shown in the screenshot below. Below that, the app displays the total number of clicks logged for the current day.

There is also a mouse heat map in this section. You can switch to it from the arrow buttons near the top right corner. Indicates clicked areas of the screen with dots, the color of which depends on how many times a given area was clicked. Red indicates areas that were clicked the most. Like the keyboard stats mentioned above, this information can be viewed at different time periods.

On the Network tab, you can view your daily Internet usage. The app can monitor the bandwidth usage of all network devices and even shows the bandwidth usage by country. Once again, you can navigate between the available data using the arrow buttons at the top right.

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The app is well designed, easy to use, and while it might not be one of those tools you really need, it’s definitely worth a try, especially if you like system monitors and statistics. It works on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8.

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