You all remember him and it is no wonder. Peter moore, one of the best-known faces in the history of the industry, returns to the field. This time it will be the Senior Vice President of Sports and Entertainment for Unity.

This was confirmed by Moore himself through his Twitter account. Will pair with an ex-partner like John riccitiello, known for their time at Electronic Arts. No need to remember that Unity is one of the largest manufacturers of graphics engines of all the world.

Hardly the biggest news of the day, but I’m delighted to announce that I’ve joined the incredibly-talented team at @ unity3d as SVP and GM of Sports & Live Entertainment. Delighted to be reunited with so many industry friends as we work on some really cool stuff. More to come …

– Peter Moore (@PeterMooreLFC) January 20, 2021 Not the biggest news of the day, but I am delighted to announce that I have joined the incredibly talented team at @ unity3d as Senior Vice President and General Manager of Sports and Live Entertainment. Nice to meet with so many friends from the industry as we work on some really cool stuff. More to come …

However, the company’s sights broaden and put its interests in other fields such as film production. Moore could transfer this vision to the field of sports broadcasting, area with which it has been related in recent years.

Peter Moore has been a senior manager for companies including EA, Microsoft Xbox, and Sega of America. The manager has experienced all kinds of situations, both failures and successes. He was the president of Sega at the time the Dreamcast went on the market and he was the corporate vice president of Microsoft when Xbox 360 ushered in that generation.

After disengaging from the industry in 2017, he went on to become the CEO of his hometown club, Liverpool FC. His passage has been really successful for the red club with a Premier League and a UEFA Champions League under his belt. In addition, he was named CEO of the year in the English championship in 2019.

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