Phil Spencer, senior manager of Xbox, believes that the change that will occur in the next generation of consoles from the current version will be the most significant since the transition from 2D to 3D.

Spencer gave his opinion by responding to a question from a user on Twitter. “With the imminent arrival of XSX, what technologies do you think will allow this spectacular breakthrough? DiagnosisWhity asked. “We’ve been hearing about raytracing for months, and recently about photogrammetry. Is this the new course? ”

Spencer responded shortly thereafter. “The console raytracing will be great. I’m very focused on the work we’re doing on dynamic input latency (DLI). In my opinion, the feel of playing in this generation is going to change more drastically than any other from the jump from 2D to 3D taking into account the improvement in CPU, IDD, memory bandwidth and SSD. ”

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Spencer also recently responded to a subscriber asking when Microsoft plans to announce new games.

“Yesterday I went over plans to continue sharing things until launch,” Spencer said. “The team is doing a great job and adapting. I have never been so excited about Xbox plans. ”

“We heard you, you want transparency and authenticity. We plan to continue on this path, the next step is not very far (games). “

It is said that among these games there could be a new Perfect Dark in charge of the study The Initiative (acquired by Microsoft in 2018), according to the details of a project that appeared on Linkedin, a time which would be ideal considering that the original is 20 years old. years. At the moment, yes, this is just speculation.

Source: Twitter Feeds