Phil Spencer warns console shortages will still last in 2022.

Phil Spencer gives a bucket of cold water to the gaming community!

Phil Spencer, head of Microsoft’s Xbox division, commented on the current state of the world’s stock of next-gen consoles and the news is not very good my friends.

According to a conversation with The Wrap, Phil Spencer was asked about the difficulties in producing more consoles in the world and what would be expectations for improvements to the inventory of new Xbox Series S/X consoles in stores around the world .

Phil Spencer warns console shortages will still last in 2022

“I think it’s probably isolating too much when talking about this as a chip problem. When I think about it, what it means to have the necessary parts to build a console, and then take it to markets where there is demand, there are a lot of sore spots during that process,” Spencer said.

“And I think, unfortunately, it will stay with us for months and months, definitely through the end of this year and through the next.”

Phil Spencer warns console shortages will still last in 2022

Second, P. Spencer commented that the worst thing is knowing that there are fans who want to buy the next generation consoles and simply can’t because there is not enough stock in stores to satisfy all customers, and I still sign under this statement from the head of the division. Xbox, because until today, September 30th, this writer still managed to acquire a PlayStation 5 or an Xbox Series S/X due to the lack of stock and also due to the prices well above what is being recommended by the game companies, something regrettable in our Brazil.

“People really want this new generation of consoles, they are good consoles, both ours and other manufacturers, and they want the new features. We are working hard to bring them to market, but it will be a challenge that we will have to work on for a while.”

Phil Spencer warns console shortages will still last in 2022

Finally, this problem started, from when the pandemic exploded around the world, causing people to stay at home and acquire the next generation consoles at an absurd speed, not to mention some merchants who bought and are selling for twice as much. value, but according to P. Spencer things are not going to get better anytime soon.

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Phil Spencer warns console shortages will still last in 2022
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