We are in a few “very television” days with launches of the big brands for this time of year, how a while ago we were able to learn about LG and Samsung days ago… but the market does not end in these two big ones. There is life beyond Korean manufacturers and one of the brands that also have new proposals is Philips.

The Amsterdam-based firm has introduced the new 5200 series with a new model designed for those users who do not want to give up quality but without having to have a large space to arrange their new screen.

And this is the purpose of your new television, a screen of only 24 inches with an LED-type panel and resolution Full HD and all within an ultra-flat format that will allow its placement in any room of the home.

The new model that responds to the name of Philips 24PFK5211/12 offers an innovative all-in-one sound solution, including wireless connectivity and powerful sound performance. It is a powerful integrated speaker box that acts as a smart TV stand.

The Philips 24PFK5211/12 has a high brightness setting, acceptable contrasts and realistic colors favored by the Digital Crystal Clear technology, which improves all the elements of perception, be it sharpness, contrast, color and movement. In this way they have achieved a very realistic viewing in which all the details of higher-end models are complemented.

In this way, despite its small size, the new member of the 5200 series offers the best sound and image features, common in the company’s televisions even if they are larger. It has an elegant and, above all, lightweight design, designed to be hung on the wall or placed on any surface.

Regarding connectivity, we find how the firm has arranged the possibility of making use of wireless connection, which will give us the possibility to share content whenever we want. It also includes two HDMI ports and a USB port as well as a digital audio output (optical) and an audio input (VGA/DVI).


Price and availability

The new Philips TV It can already be found on the market at a recommended price of 250 euros with the possibility of getting it free for all those who buy it before June 19. The reason is the promotion “You win this final” in which when you buy any Philips TV between May 16 and June 19, 2016 and say which team you think will end up winning in France, you will enter a draw for which your purchase can be free.

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