Pikmin 3, Miyamoto’s garden game that combines elements of strategy and action, is one of the big news for Nintendo Wii U in 2013 and a title included in any list of essentials of the platform. In almost all aspects of the game we find great advances compared to the first two titles, released for GameCube. Pikmin 3 is the first game in the series to provide network leaderboards and supplementary digital content, which can be purchased through the eShop, the Nintendo Wii U online store. Through this content, players can compete in various missions and battles with the strongest enemies, fighting for the maximum score, aiming for the best possible result within a time limit. It is an extra-campaign, which still includes fights against rivals at the end of the level.

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The complement of the missions, through the 3 additional game modes (collecting treasures, fighting enemies and facing bosses), acquires a new projection from the world leaderboards. The rules of the game are the same: continue to command the little Pikmin to transport delicious pieces of fruit to the onion. The same dangers, either due to the natural conditions of the planet, or because of the constant threat from other creatures, hamper the objectives of the mission. But it is also important to tear down walls and organize the team in order to reach higher areas.

Excursion to the Christmas tree.

The new downloadable content for Pikmin 3 can now be purchased through the eShop, which adds four new locations, corresponding to missions 12 to 15. Furthermore, when updating the game in its latest version, they acquire two more additional maps , resulting in a total of four new missions. Altogether, they have 12 missions, as the four maps provided by the DLC multiply by two types of missions (treasure hunt and battle against enemies)

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More about Pikmin 3

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Pikmin 3 owners should already know that the goal in treasure hunting is to recover as many fruits, treasures and enemies as possible within a time limit. There are lots of Pikmin around the map that must be summoned and the more they control, the more strategies they can organize. Obtaining nectar and other fruits that improve the performance of small Pikmin is essential in order to achieve a good score, is that enemies always patrol the most desirable treasures and some are well hidden.

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In battle mode, there is also a time limit to complete the mission, but now the objective is to defeat the enemies scattered around the map, making it convenient to look for the strongest and most valuable, as they are the ones that offer the most points. As for maps, starting with downloadable content, the 12th is called Rustyard and is perhaps one of the most traditional in terms of alignment with most of the scenarios in Pikmin 3.

Clockwork Chasm.

“Beastly Caverns” is the 13th level and has the particularity of offering a central outdoor area, with entrances to a set of caves that surround this whole area, with a lot of water forming small lakes. The 14th map is the “Forgotten Cave”, which seems to have some Super Mario Galaxy influences, with several terraces between the base and the top, which forces the team to climb. Finally and within this content we have the “Clockwork Chasm”, with strong industrial inspiration due to the mechanisms in motion. They launch a new challenge and make the demand for the Pikmins more dangerous, and it is essential to maintain more rigorous control, under the risk of huge casualties.

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But in conjunction with the game update in the latest version, Nintendo is offering two new maps, levels 6 and 11. The sixth is a “remix” version of Tropical Forest, while level 11 offers a theme alluding to the Christmas period. The Fortress of Festivity is a map with countless gifts wrapped in paper and a Christmas tree, all lit up, that the Pikmin can climb on. Fantastic.

Five euros is how much this additional content costs. Considering that it represents four more new scenarios, multiplied by two game modes, it justifies the investment in case they have ended the campaign and completed all the available missions, thus prolonging the exploration on this peculiar and very lively planet PNF-404.

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