A new table tennis game has landed on the Android App Store: Ping Pong Fury, a fun one-on-one multiplayer (PvP) title in which you have to climb positions in the leaderboards by dint of winning games. Very well adapted touch control, quick encounters and a multitude of collectibles.

It’s not that ping pong is a very popular sport in sports games, but we have a title on Android that represents the sport very well: Table Tennis. This game already has a certain tradition in our system, although it has continued to receive updates to stay current. And its developers decided to transfer the accumulated experience to a new game with the same theme, albeit with an online PvP style: Ping Pong Fury.

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Quick games with easy-to-learn touch control

As with table tennis, in Ping Pong Fury we control the racket or paddle by placing our finger on the phone. By sliding on the screen, we will be able to return the balls while applying speed and effect to the shots, all in a simple way and without causing excessive learning. Although yes, mastering control is not so easy: it will take many games to achieve this.

Ping Pong Fury retains much of the characteristics that are prevalent in popular PvP titles, such as Clash Royale. The game includes a large catalog of shovels, balls and shoes, this is called “bag”. Depending on the quality of this equipment (as we evolve we can apply more spin and speed to hits) the level of the stock market will rise, this is one of the values ​​that Ping Pong Fury uses to match its opponents. We will also move up the league and level: this is decisive for getting the rewards for victories, as well as the number of fans who will follow us as a player.

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Ping pong fury

Sporting events are loaded with emotion, although the rest of the game can be somewhat monotonous or even limited. Ping Pong Fury is overly interested in upgrading items, also in prize chests: These chests, called capsules, are essential for obtaining upgrades.

Ping pong fury

The game distributes capsules every day, the rest is obtained by winning matches. And they have a different quality: the higher the level, the better the prices. AND the longer we will have to wait to get them; time that can be eliminated with gems, the second currency of the game.

Ping pong fury

The developers have also come up with a really fun ping pong game. graphics and physics are at an excellent level. Its arcade style makes it very easy to learn, but not mastery enough to climb the ranks. The sequence of “smashes” is a real vice, without a doubt the best.

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Ping pong Fury is currently in closed beta: you can sign up for the download by going to this link. The online mode is already working, although at the beginning most of the opponents are very easy to win “bots”.

Ping pong fury

Ping pong fury

Source : Frandroid