Google phones have been controversial since its inception, when they were still called Nexus and came straight from third-party factories with their own models tailored to the needs of the Mountain View team. Born with the philosophy of being developer phones, the truth is that the line has finally become a commercial series, and the next level will come in the form of Google Pixel 5 et Google Pixel 5 XL. Courtesy of 4th intermediary.

We recently learned that a storm within Google had caused two of its mainstays in terms of photography to leave, and the Motion Sense that had received so much publicity in the Pixel 4 for the next generation could be discontinued. Now we know, or think we know because we’re talking about leaks, that the future Pixel 5 will not be the catalog leader as such but super mid-range phones. Translated: it will not be high ranges like their predecessors.

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Snapdragon 765 and 5G but cheaper?

Various sources offered the same information until more authoritarian voices appeared in the region. Voices like David Ruddock, editor-in-chief of Android Police, who claim, based on information obtained from sources inside the company, that the Pixel 5 will not have the Snapdragon 865 on board which has driven high-end Android so far in 2020.

Google would bet on the next lower step, a Snapdragon 765 that would give Pixel 5 5G connectivity in addition to other benefits in terms of Gamebut it would be far from the performance of the Snapdragon 865, the current leader in Qualcomm’s processor portfolio. The change would be relevant, as the Pixels have gone for the most powerful processor since Google decided to leave the Nexus lines behind, and it would all end in this fifth generation.

Other sources say that the reason for this change would be to lower the price of a Google Pixel 5, and therefore Pixel 5 XL too, around $ 100, which could translate into an equivalent price drop in Europe of around 100 euros. If so, we could be talking about a Google Pixel 5 starting at $ 659 and the Pixel XL starting at $ 799. However, this is a guess.

In the Nexus, there has never been a problem, in terms of fluidity, that the phones do not have the latest processor or the one with the most power, but with a level of competition like the current one, it will be difficult to justify high prices for a phone with a processor like the Snapdragon 765 which already has exceptional models at very aggressive prices. We will see if Google throws the rest on the photo to equip the big ones.

Source: Frandroid