Play Portal 2 cross platform.

Do you remember all the fuss about cross-platform gaming a few years ago? Because in the future, everyone would play nicely together on the same servers, regardless of the platform. Here we are, some five years later and the concept of cross-platform gaming seemed to have died a quiet death.

Until today, because Valve just announced that the cross-platform capabilities they envisioned last E3 are now coming. Due to the close collaboration with Sony, this brings some nice extras for everyone who gets the PS3 version.

For starters, if you link your Steam and PSN accounts together, you will also be able to play Portal 2 on PC or Mac without buying the game a second time. In addition, this also means that PS3 players can chat with all their Steam friends and then play a game of Portal 2 in co-op together. PS3 save games will also be able to be saved in ‘The Cloud’, which means that you can continue playing on any other PS3 where you left off last time. It is not clear whether these savegames will also be accessible on PC.

Play Portal 2 cross platform

Valve seems to be serious about supporting the PS3 from now on, because as some may know, that support – partly due to the fact that EA took care of the PS3 ports – sometimes left something to be desired. With Portal 2, it seems that that era will finally come to an end from April 22.


Play Portal 2 cross platform

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