Are Android users less willing to install the Covid-19 apps? At least that’s what the download numbers revealed by the RKI reveal.

In the past few days there have finally been more details about the German Corona warning app and its numbers. For the first time, the RKI gives the exact ratio of Android to iOS when it comes to the distribution of the previous download numbers. There are now 16.4 million app downloads in total, and there has been little growth in the last few weeks. The number of unreported app installations that are actually active is likely to be significantly lower and probably falling steadily.

Android users less ready for Corona warning app

8.7 million Android users downloaded the Corona warning app, as did 7.7 million iPhone users. A somewhat unhealthy relationship. Because only 53 percent of all downloads were carried out by Android users, although the Google operating system has a smartphone market share of almost 72 percent in Germany. More smartphones in circulation should actually result in more downloads.

Apple users seem more willing to install and use the Corona warning app. More than 85 percent of Android devices worldwide are equipped with at least the required Android version 6 (Marshmallow). Too many smartphones with Android versions that are too old are hardly in circulation anymore, in Germany I would expect even more positive numbers – so that can’t be a reason.

Hotline calls and teletans

The hotlines for the Corona-Warn-App had to deal with more than 183,000 calls so far, the daily average is around 1100 calls. I guess that also has something to do with the errors in the app, which unfortunately have cropped up regularly over the past few weeks and caused a lot of questions.

Notification of positive tests: 792 Teletans have been issued since June 16 so that infected people can post their status in the app. Again, that doesn’t mean people actually did it. A few weeks ago, calculated figures were floating around the web, and by the beginning of July only 300 people infected with corona were said to have reported to the app.

via RKI