Playstation 3 and its backward compatibility

A little over a month ago, when Ken Kutaragi spoke about the Playstation 3 and its features at the 2006 PlayStation Business Briefing that took place in Tokyo (March 15), we saw how one of the key points of his speech was that of backward compatibility 100% confirmed regarding Playstation and Playstation 2 games.

The Playstation 3, contrary to what the PS2 does to be able to run the PSX games (via hardware), and as we already imagined, it will carry out a software emulation of the behavior of the processors that the PS2 hides behind its case. And, surprise, this software is still under development. Despite the fact that one of its programmers assures that the advances are positive and that there are already a large number of PS2 titles that are correctly emulated by this software, it is also true that the development team is working under pressure. November, like the one that says, is just around the corner. I hope they arrive on time or one of the pillars of Sony’s speech will be ruined, although I am afraid that finally the backward compatibility will not be 100%.

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