The development of Homebrew PlayStation 4 has taken a new step. Most recent PS4 Hack would allow you to play pirated software, illegal games, and PS2 games on your PlayStation 4 in the near future.

The new development stems from an exploit in low-level console system access discovered earlier this month. However, this hack only works on consoles with 4.05 system software. In practice, this means an important limitation for the practical use of the exploit: the vulnerability was already fixed in November 2016 with the firmware patch 4.06.

Since the exploit’s release, however, the hackers haven’t been idle: they are already developing Linux support, full root access via FTP, and the PS4HEN homebrew catalyst. This paves the way for installing package files on the PS4, including tools to decrypt games and then transport them to other pirated consoles. Or quite simply: the ability to download and play illegal PS4 games.

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In addition, we are also busy reverse-engineering the PS2 Classics for PS4. Tools are already available to inject your own ISO files and play through the PlayStation 2 emulator at the system level. This emulator has some cool features like 4x resolution boost and improved performance over original hardware. Until now, there was no way you could play PS2 games on your PS4 on your own, except for a few which are only available from PlayStation Store.

Tests with the hacked PS2 emulator show that games that were previously unplayable through the PS3 software emulator (eg Klonoa 2) are available through the PlayStation 4 hack. Other games, on the other hand, have serious graphics issues. Either way, it’s still surprising that a hacked console offers more backward compatibility options than a standard model.

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That the release of this new PS4 hack and exploit comes with an influx of pirate software and illegal games is worrying at first glance. But in practice, the impact of this will be greatly reduced by the fact that most consoles have long been updated to firmware above 4.05. Additionally, we can assume that games that run higher firmware – the majority of games from 2017 – are encrypted with unbreakable keys for 4.05 consoles.

It’s still unclear what this new feat means for the future of PlayStation 4 hacking. It’s striking that this 4.05 feat has taken such a long time to release. After all, several months ago, the hackers announced that they had low-level access to the system, and evidence of the presence of 4.01 consoles running Linux has been circulating since October 2016. However, the PlayStation 4 hacker community believes that the kernel exploits used by this hack still exist in the current firmware. Finding them out will undoubtedly lead to more hacking issues in the future.

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Source : IGN