With the expiration of the embargo on reviews, next-gen consoles are finally under the watchful eye of the public and critics.

Digital Foundry, the technology experts in the gaming sector, have spent the last few days examining from top to bottom the potential of PlayStation 5 is Xbox Series X, paying particular attention to the console Sony, the one that, of all, has kept its secrets hidden for the longest time.

The subject of DF’s recent analysis was backward compatibility, a feature that many feared was only “ancillary” on PlayStation 5, but which is proving to be incredibly well maintained and functional.

As described and reported in the report at the bottom of the news, the strong point of PS5 backwards compatibility is undoubtedly the “boost mode”, the enhancement of PS4 titles that can thus enjoy framerates up to 60fps and improved resolution. The same thing happens on Xbox Series Xobviously, but the improvement made by PS5 is much more drastic: this is because, as Digital Foundry reports, Xbox Series X improves the titles Xbox One X, while PS5 improves the titles PS4 Pro, significantly less powerful than his direct mid-gen opponent.

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On the other hand, it must be admitted that the backward compatibility of PS5 is not perfect and is still tainted by some technical problems. Also absent the automatic HDR and the 16x anisotropic filter, present by default on Xbox Series X. Net of these small details, the performance of the tested games are to be considered excellent.

Finally, we remind you that the backward compatibility tested so far is the “basic” one, carried out on titles that have not yet received specific interventions or patches from the developers. Games like Days Gone, for example, they will receive a special upgrade for PS5, to significantly improve its framerate and resolution. Titles like this will later receive a separate analysis.

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What do you think? In your opinion, what are the PS4 titles that will significantly improve with the PS5 boost?

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