On March 18, Sony finally broke the silence, offering a comprehensive overview of the technical information of the PlayStation 5. Chief architect Mark Cerny laid out the aforementioned topics with great skill and detail, revealing a lot of new information about them. specifications. basic techniques of the new console: power, memory band, speed and immersion. Days before Cerny went live worldwide, Digital Foundry had chatted with the lead architect of the PS5, discussing the same topics. Part of this chat was covered, but we had more information. Much more.

Everything that is covered in this article refers to the subjects of Cerny’s official presentation. There’s a lot to learn here, but you won’t find anything about PlayStation 5 strategy, and it’s no wonder why. In fact, when we met him in 2016, Cerny told us about Sony’s vision for generations of consoles, and the hardware unveiled certainly aligns with that thinking. And therefore, will intergenerational development be left to proprietary developers? While stressing that everything goes back to the concept of console generation (the opposite of the PC approach, which offers progressive innovation), he would not have talked about strategies, also because it is definitely not his job within of the company.

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Cerny was also the main architect of the PlayStation 4, which in 2013 was called “supercharged PC architecture”. This approach helped create the golden age of cross-platform development. But has the PlayStation 5 returned to espouse a more “exotic” philosophy than the previous console? Cerny wasn’t very off-set on this, simply stating that the design of the PS5 is straightforward for developers capable of developing on PS4, but digging deep into the capabilities of the new system, there are many difficult aspects to the game. design of the new console. to associate on PC.

However, by addressing the topics covered in his developer conference, Mark Cerny lights up. There is an obvious passion and genuine enthusiasm for the new material he helped develop, and in this article you will find a lot of material to take that vision further. In our online meeting, we discussed several topics:

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  • PlayStation 5 and the innovative boost clock: how does it work?
  • What do you need for backward compatibility from a processor perspective?
  • What are the crucial advantages of SSD? And how do they materialize?
  • How does 3D audio work? And what is the power of the Tempest engine?
  • How will the new 3D sound system relate to the 5.1 and 7.1 Hi-Fi surround speakers?

What follows is undoubtedly a very in-depth technical analysis, which represents an opportunity to explore in a more incisive way the topics covered during the presentation. Several times during our chat Cerny suggested that we do more research (obviously we couldn’t do that there) and that’s one of the reasons we didn’t go online immediately after. the event with this article. It is therefore not necessary to clarify that before going ahead, we recommend that you watch Cerny’s presentation in its entirety and very carefully. You can find it just below, if you haven’t already.

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Source : Reddit