This month, PS-Plus – April, for those who, due to the corona lock, were already unsure which page the calendar should be on – failed: with Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End and Dirt Rally 2.0, members have downloaded two of the still fairly recent titles that have marked the spearhead of triple-A in their respective genres. And what can I say, we deserve it when you look at the state of the world there. Mai is a little less excited, yes, downright cozy. Maybe also because The Last of Us 2 was supposed to take us on an emotional roller coaster this month? Would have been a good counter program.

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Whatever the idea behind the compilation of the games for May: from the 5th – so next Tuesday – these two will be available and will enrich your library of games on PlayStation 4. And you better check again before Monday if you have really secured Uncharted and Dirt before they disappear from the offering. It would be a shame …

Farming Simulator 19

It’s not even meant to be sarcastic, but a chocolate box-like subscription model like PlayStation Plus is basically ideal for a game like Farming Simulator 19, which many players in the so-called ‘core’ group aren’t. not too small prices of nearly 40 euros … let’s say “fear of contact”. If you’re being honest, each of us even smiles at the crazy idea of ​​“continuing to work after work” in these kinds of games. After all, games for many of us are mostly about getting away from everyday life rather than carrying them after us. And yet… we’re curious to see how these games have hit the charts year after year with the violence of a John Deere 8R. PS Plus members will find out this month.

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Make no mistake, the somewhat repetitive and somewhat boring simulation process may not be for you. But you have to admit that the farm simulator has made huge strides over the past few years and even now knows how to incorporate reward mechanisms – here increasing money for a well-functioning business – into more sophisticated processes. . In this regard, last year’s edition performs better than any other game in the series.

Anyone who has not only an ironic but genuine and genuine interest in a simulated farm is well served. Over 300 vehicles of well-known brands and authentically implemented brands such as Steyr, Massey Ferguson or John Deere invite you to browse the American or European courses that you order and manage as you wish. You can also manage animal husbandry, while vegetarians are also encouraged to plant soybeans.

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Whether you are only interested in curiosity, what about the remarkable hype, or you want to indulge in aspects of planning and management, the opportunity for both is good starting May 5th. And if you’re in the mood for some weirder, more fascinating simulations now, we’ll help you out here, especially with the craziest, weirdest, and weirdest simulators.

Cities: horizons

After EA fell in love with their latest SimCity – the looks and charm were fantastic, it was a positive, buggy, and limited network pipe crusher – the desire for a good city planning simulator was of course great . It’s a good thing that developer Colossal Order has taken their studio name seriously and approached the daunting task of inheriting the legendary building set the right way. Cities: Skylines has been spearheading the genre since 2015 – so much so that I don’t know what a new SimCity should look like, that the target group would still be really interested. It’s a good thing that console gamers got more than just a passable implementation in 2017.

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Cities: Skylines is ruthlessly good at what he wants to be. It’s not only a good city management simulator, it also gives gamers a lot of creative freedom to take their dream metropolis off the ground and redesign it over and over again. Lots of DLC expansions – not included in the PS-Plus version – expand your wiggle room in interesting ways if needed and because the controller originally designed for mouse and keyboard works well in the controller implementation as well, you get sink into the cycle of eternal planning, Build up and watch as you grow and feel abundantly intelligent and powerful.

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No horizon is like the last, and the inherent simulation of processes in cities is wonderfully conclusive and sophisticated. Plus, it looks good. I don’t know about you, but somehow there is something heartwarming about playing a game that is all about building and growing at a time when you fear the decline of civilization. in its darkest hours. In that regard, Cities: Skylines is perfect. Good choice!

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