PlayStation shares tips and information for responsible use of video games.

Sony Interactive Entertainment Spain (SIE Spain) continues to offer families and young people a series of tips and resources so that everyone can enjoy playing video games in a safe environment. For this, SIE Spain makes the following information available to be able to make responsible use of video games and help parents who are less familiar with this type of digital entertainment, so that they have key tools and knowledge to be able to serve as a guide to the youngest of the house.

Take care of the age classification (PEGI)

In video games there is a label, called the PEGI system, which represents the age from which this game is recommended and is suitable for those who are going to play it depending on the type of content it includes. It is very important to understand that, unlike similar codes used in books, this icon focuses on the minimum recommended age and not the age at which it will be enjoyed the most (a certain PEGI 3 game may be very difficult for a 5 year old, for example).

PlayStation shares tips and information for responsible use of video games

This icon is always accompanied by a specific content icon, made up of black and white pictograms, which describe the type of content that the game includes and which may be controversial or sensitive.

Parents must pay attention to this classification when choosing or agreeing with their sons and daughters which video games they can play.

PlayStation shares tips and information for responsible use of video games

Activate Parental Control:

SIE Spain emphasizes that parents must become aware of the importance of supervising the content and accompanying minors from the beginning to establish solid bases and standards in the responsible use of video games.

Additionally, SIE reminds that there is the option to activate parental control on PlayStation 4 with measures that help in this regard. This tool allows parents to decide which contents, functionalities and devices of the console give access to their children or minors in their care, even limiting the time they can play each day. By creating family accounts of up to seven members, you can customize numerous parameters for each user profile and thus have peace of mind when leaving the little ones in front of the console.

PlayStation shares tips and information for responsible use of video games

With the parental controls of PlayStation 4 you can limit:

RECOMMENDED AGE – For children to enjoy age-appropriate games and movies.
PLAY TIME – Setting when and for how long each minor can play.
INTERNET ACCESS – Blocking certain pages or directly disabling the browser so that they cannot access any.
DOWNLOADS – Restricting downloadable content that is not age appropriate for your children.
ECONOMIC EXPENSES – So that they cannot buy content or only up to a certain monthly limit.
VOICE CHAT – To prevent them from being able to speak or send messages to other players online.

These parameters can be adjusted from the console in: Settings ➜ Parental control / Family management

PlayStation shares tips and information for responsible use of video games

Learn playing

In recent years, SIE has published numerous games that delve into a more educational side of video games with interesting titles such as: Dreams, a game that invites players to create scenarios, compose music, create levels and model characters with great variety of tools as agile as they are intuitive and with your imagination as the limit; Concrete Genie, an adventure with ecological overtones where, through art, children learn values ​​against bullying; Fundación 3M España-STEM + VR, an educational project of scientific dissemination to promote STEM vocations in children and that is available for free on PlayStationVR; or Flipy’s Tesla! Let’s invent the future for PlayStation VR that brings scientific knowledge closer together through a graphic adventure based on immersive experience.

To these exclusive PS4 games, we should add a whole reference to what educational games are concerned: the multiplatform Minecraft, which with its construction possibilities continues to win over players nine years after its launch.

The Recycling Heroes will also be available soon, a title of marked educational nature that seeks to fulfill the objective of raising awareness about recycling and caring for the environment to players of all kinds of abilities.

PlayStation shares tips and information for responsible use of video games

PS4 ™ also allows you to browse the Internet as if you were doing it from a computer through an application that can be found in the Applications section of the Library under the name ‘Web Browser’. Using a pop-up keyboard, websites can be easily and intuitively searched and navigated, being a very useful resource to overcome the lack of availability of other electronic devices, such as computers or tablets. In this way, children can search for information on the Internet or even view content (always with parental control activated) on third-party content players, such as YouTube, which can be downloaded through the PlayStation®Store for free.

Because the main objective of video games is to entertain, but we must not forget that a good way to learn is by playing. While playing, always in a responsible way, some very useful skills for daily life are being exercised, such as: enhancing memory, working on rapid decision-making, increasing concentration capacity, improving eye-hand coordination or spatial vision, among other.