PlayStation’s weird commercials list.

You may have already seen PlayStation’s latest Valentine’s Day commercial. The commercial has been set aside to say the least and it is not the first time that PlayStation has placed separate or slightly disturbing commercials. That is why we have a list of a number of striking PlayStation trailers below.

SAPS – 1995

This is one of the first PlayStation commercials. In this commercial, Sony makes fun of its own console. The console would be a danger to humanity. “Don’t underestimate the power of the PlayStation!”

PlayStation’s weird commercials list

Shapes – 1997

The already familiar four shapes of the PlayStation controllers are appearing all over the world. Normally maybe harmless, but in this commercial they cause quite a bit of chaos.

Double Life – 1999

Well, aren’t we almost all of that? As a gamer you often place yourself in a different life and do things that you will never do in your daily life.

PlayStation’s weird commercials list

Mental Wealth – 1999

How Mental Wealt, or anything else this teenager says, has to do with the PlayStation? No idea, but it will remain in the back of your mind.

Welcome To The Third Space – 2000

This twilight zone-esque commercial by David Lynch (of Twin Peaks fame) was made for the promotion of the PlayStation 2, which came out on March 5, 2000.

PlayStation’s weird commercials list

Laughing Mouth – 2002

This commercial was again for the promotion of the PlayStation 2. You can see how they manage to keep the theme: random stuff, for quite a long time. This ad was part of a larger campaign called: Fun, anyone?

Mountain – 2003

You could see this trailer as a bit less random. The last sentence: play the world. Would that refer to the large amount of people you can play against online? Or it’s just the next part of the random Fun, anyone? Campaign.

PlayStation’s weird commercials list

Baby, Rubiks, Eggs – 2006

While making this list, a number of members of the editorial team immediately started talking about the baby commercial. However, this one was part of three commercials promoting the PlayStation 3.

Champagne – 2002

Can’t get enough of these commercials, or do you think it’s unfair that it’s PlayStation only? Then I have a little extra for you here! An Xbox commercial from 2002. The commercial was eventually banned because it would look too much like a short film called Life, from Audrey Schebat.

Haven’t seen the new PlayStation Valentine’s commercial yet? Or would you like to watch it again? The video is waiting for you in our night watch!

PlayStation’s weird commercials list

Which commercial did you like the most? Or do you miss one more in the list? Let me know in the comments!