Pokémon Go: 2020 Nostalgia Challenge Champion – Get Genesect and Galar Pokémon, Solve All Tasks

In conclusion of Nostalgia challenges in Pokemon Go in recent weeks the 2020 nostalgia challenge champion.

You will receive a special associated research if you have already mastered all the challenges of nostalgia or – if not – for money. Otherwise, there are also things that benefit everyone.

Below you will find all the important information on the challenge of nostalgia for the Champ du 2020.

When does the 2020 champion nostalgia challenge begin in Pokémon Go?

The 2020 nostalgia challenge champion in Pokémon Go starts on June 3, 2020 at 1 p.m. and runs up to June 8, 2020 at 1 p.m..

Which Pokémon appear most often in the 2020 Nostalgia Challenge Field and what are the bonuses?

All players benefit from appearing Pokémon more often, whether or not they receive the special Nostalgia 2020 Challenge Field research.

Dive for the first time Galar-Flunschlik in Pokémon Go. You can find this Pokémon in the wild, in raid battles and as a reward in special searches

Beyond that Galar-Meowth, Galar-Zigzachs, Galar-Flampion and Galar-Flunschlik 7km-Eirn hatch. The respective developments are also included.

And apart from that, dive Einall region Pokémon are more common in the wild.

2020 nostalgia challenge field – all stages of the quest

Below you can see all the steps in this special research, what you need to do to get there and how you will be rewarded for it. Unlike the previous nostalgia challenge, you can check it out here leave as much time as you want.

Champion of the 2020 nostalgia challenge – stage 1/5

  • Brand 15 great litters – meeting with Meowth
  • Catch 15 Pokémon – 1 smoke
  • Send 15 Pokémon – 30 hyperballs
  • Rewards: meeting with Mollimorba, 500 Star Dust, 500 XP

2020 nostalgia challenge champion – stage 2/5

  • Develop 5 Pokémon – 5 special candies
  • Hatch 15 eggs – meet Ottaro
  • Win 15 Raids – 10 Best Animators
  • Rewards: encounter with Flampion, 500 Star Dust, 500 XP

2020 nostalgia challenge champion – stage 3/5

  • Get a fabulous spray – 30 special candies
  • Fight other coaches 15 times – meet Floink
  • Use 15 bonuses on Pokémon – 500 stardust
  • Rewards: meeting with Zebritz, 500 Star Dust, 500 XP

2020 nostalgia challenge champion – stage 4/5

  • Give your partner 15 snacks – 1 golden raspberry
  • Catch a Dragon-type Pokémon – Meet Serpifeu
  • Take 15 snapshots – 1 silver sanana berry
  • Rewards: meeting with Ohrdoch, 500 Star Dust, 500 XP

2020 nostalgia challenge field – stage 5/5

  • Get rewards – 5 MT charge
  • Pick up a reward – meet Flunschlik
  • Get a reward – 1 Instant TM
  • Rewards: meeting with Genesect, 5 special candies, Professor Willow’s glasses

How to buy a ticket for the 2020 Nostalgia Challenge Championship in Pokémon Go?

Special research for the Champ of the Nostalgia Challenge 2020 is for those who have not completed all of the previous nostalgia challenges in the above mentioned event period 7.99 euros available in the game store.

To do this, go to the store after the start of the event and click on “More information” where you can buy the ticket.

It is even possible to buy a ticket if you have activated the special search without paying. In this case, you will get the search again, but with different rewards: “Each time you meet a Pokémon, you will instead receive 10 candies for that Pokémon. You will also get star dust instead of glasses from Professor Willow. “

More Pokémon Galar in Pokémon Go.

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