The second season of the Battle League in Pokémon begins tomorrow, May 1.

At the start of the new season at 10 p.m. KST, you can also claim the rewards for the end of the first season. For example, those who have reached at least Rank 7 get a Top Load MT.

The season 2 schedule is as follows:

  • Super League: Du 1er mai (22 h) au 25 mai (22 h)
  • Hyperleague: May 25 (10 p.m.) to June 15 (10 p.m.)
  • Main League: June 15 (10 p.m.) to June 29 (10 p.m.)

Along with the main league, the Premier Cup is the premier fighting league championship. There is also no WP limit here, but the Legendary and Mysterious Pokemon cannot be used. The procedure is also the same.

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From June 29 at 10 p.m. to July 6 at 10 p.m., all three leagues and the Premier Cup will be available.

What hasn’t changed since the first season:

  • You still don’t need to walk or use Poké coins for battle sets
  • At rank 7 you will receive wrestler-pikachu style avatar accessories as a reward
  • Metagross and Wrestler-Pikachu are guaranteed reward matches at Rank 1 and Rank 10, respectively
  • At rank 10 you get avatar props inspired by Troy Trumm

And it’s new in season two:

  • The GO Combat League reward system has been slightly revised. For base rewards you will now encounter a Pokémon after the third victory and for premium rewards after the first victory
  • The ranking system has been adjusted. Now you need to get more wins to reach ranks 4, 5, 6 and 7
  • Some of the guaranteed rewards change during Season 2. You will encounter the following Pokémon when you reach the appropriate rank: Flunschlik at rank 4, Geronimatz at rank 8, Zurrokex at rank 9
  • If you reach Rank 10, you will get a new Avatar Pose!
  • Trainers who have reached at least Rank 7 by the end of Season 2 will receive a higher Instant MT instead of a higher Loading MT. That said, at the end of the season there are the same rewards as in Season 1.
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You can also challenge other trainers with QR code regardless of distance and friendship level and without QR code you can also challenge your good and super friends.

Finally, you revise the attacks “Percussion Drill” (faster charge), “Moon Force” (faster charge, does less damage, reduces your opponent’s attack value) and “Power Shock” (faster charge, does more damage and reduces attack)) User defense value is high), while “wet tail” is added for Palkia.

Learn more about Pokémon Go here.

Source: Twitter Feeds