Pokémon Go Almost celebrating its fourth anniversary, developer Niantic is celebrating with free weekly challenges and new Pokémon.

Ducklett and Petilil, two Pokémon from Unova, will be available for the first time. Additionally, the Flying Pikachu variant also arrives in the game. Flying Pikachu is a Pikachu that floats through the air with balloons, and was first noticed in the first Pokémon trading card game cards.

Shiny versions of Pidove and Bellsprout are also introduced.

Those who buy a ticket to Go Fest 2020 can also participate in the timed research challenges, which give all kinds of bonuses. The Go Fest is normally an annual event in different cities around the world, but thanks to COVID-19, anyone can now participate from their home city.

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The first timed research challenge will begin on Friday July 3. Ducklett and Flying Pikachu will then be available by completing missions. Flying Pokémon will be more likely to be caught in the wild, including the Shiny Pidove, and several Pokémon will wear special party hats.

On the weekend of this event, Ho-oh will appear in raids, and the special Jump-Start search will also be enabled for players who have not yet completed it.

This week’s timed search lasts until the following Wednesday. When one million players on your Pokémon Go team complete the Research quest, you will receive a Pokémon as a reward. It’s different for each team: Chimecho (Instinct), Alomomola (Mystic) or Chansey (Valor).

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The second event kicks off on Friday July 10 with new Timed Research quests and a free Super Rocket Radar to help you fight Team Rocket Big Boss Giovanni. A special Go Battle League mini-event will also take place on Sunday, July 12.

Here, too, you will receive a Pokémon as a reward depending on which team you belong to when 1 million players complete the challenges. They are Ferroseed for Instinct, Alolan Grimer for Mystic and Alolan Marowak for Valor. Alolan Marowak is also a new addition to Pokémon Go.

Pokémon Go has been teasing a well-known balloon on social media for some time …

The third and final event will start on Friday July 17th. During this event, Petilil will be available through Research, Shiny Bellsprout will be catchable, and Summer Pikachu will return as well.

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During the third week, Togetic, Dratini and Litwick will be distributed as 1 million players from Team Instinct, Mystic and Valor will complete them respectively.

To top it off, you also unlock an Elite version every time you complete each Weekly Research Quest, but no other details are known yet. It is also rumored that the mythical Pokémon Shaymin will be released at Go Fest 2020.

Such an exciting time for Pokémon Go players! Do you want to go back? Then check out our Pokémon Go guide with tips!

Source : IGN